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Friday, 23 February 2018

BINGHAM: Student stabs another with cutlass

Pandemonium and riot broke out in the boys hostel of Bingham University after a student stab a fellow student with a cutlass on the head, on the 22 of February 2018. The incident happened in the late hours of the night. What we gathered to be the cause of the incident was that; a 400level student urinated beside a 300level's student room, this led to an argument between the two parties, shockingly the 300level student went into his room, brought out a cutlass and smashed it on the latter, while some boys who witnessed the incident were infuriated and decided to pounce on the boy. He was rescued by the security and the chaplain of the school Rev Oludare, who pleaded with the student not to beat him saying aprropraite actions will be taken concerning the situation. The name of the culprit was withheld due to security reason. Some angry students chanted in an unrest tone stating "its an attempted murder!!! ", "he deserves jungle justice". Some also said its an act of cultism and should be dealt with seriously. More updates of this as the gist unfolds.


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