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Monday 12 February 2018

Controversy Trails Pregnancy Of Alleged Husband Killer, Maryam Sanda

The alleged killing of son of a former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),  Bello Haliru, Bilyamin by his wife, Maryam Sanda, last year is still fresh in the memories of many Nigerians.

Most people were surprised that a woman could go to the extent of killing her husband, who she professed to love, over issues bothering on infidelity that could not be substantiated.
Maryam had reportedly killed Bilyamin after she reportedly discovered through some messages on his phone that he was having affairs with some other ladies.
The suspect was said to have stabbed the victim severally before rushing him to the hospital, where he later died of complications arising from the incident.
Maryam is currently being prosecuted by a court of competent jurisdiction, which remanded her in prison custody.
But like a scene from Nollywood box office, Maryam pleaded for bail during her last appearance in court on the basis that she is three months pregnant.
A previous request for bail made by Mrs. Sanda’s lawyer, Joseph Daudu, had been refused in December.
The latest bail request by Maryam was also turned down by the court.
Concerned Nigerians and watchers of events have since picked holes in the said pregnancy, saying that this might have been the reason ‘she unleashed terror on her husband and sent him to the world beyond.’
She was controverted over the claims, which was described as a matter that should be properly investigated by the court.
Their fears are hinged on the fact that Maryam was reportedly  seeing  other men, while her husband was alive and that she decided to snuff life out of him as a cover-up ‘because pregnancy out of wedlock is a serious matter.’
They alleged that it is now obvious that Maryam is a flirt, who cheated on her husband and turned around to accuse him of infidelity.
According to them, ‘for Maryam, who is still nursing the first child of the marriage to be three months pregnant leaves much to be desired,’ adding that she must be properly investigated and made to ‘pay for her sins.
when Maryam Sanda, killed hubby, there was no mention of the fact that she was pregnant,  why now? Probably she wants to use the pregnancy tale for  compassion and a lenient sentence, if not outright forgiveness. The Judge, should order a thorough pregnancy test on her, in order to authenticate it.
How could she get pregnant on her eight months old daughter? Quite a puzzle.
If her baby is 8 months old and she is 3 months pregnant, that means she got pregnant when her baby was 5 months old.
Haba, this is difficult to belief o
No matter how a man loves sex, how will he impregnate his wife, when their baby is only 5 months old’ an aggrieved source said.
However, sources close to Maryam absolved her of any act of infidelity.
They said that she was faithful to her husband, and that she couldn’t have killed him as against the allegation.On the news that she is three months pregnant, the source said in marriage such a thing happens.’we’re convinced she’s saying the truth, she’s got no reason to lie about it.’
The source  insisted that Maryam was framed up ‘for an offence she knows nothing about,’ and that the matter would be proved beyond reasonable doubt in the court of law handling the case.
Maryam was described as a faithful woman, who loved and regarded her husband, and that the pregnancy issue was not a pretence or a product of an adulterous relationship.
It will be recalled that the FCT Police Command last year, docked Maryam Sanda for the alleged murder of Bilyamin Bello.
Also docked were Maryam’s mother, Maimuna Aliyu, her brother, Aliyu Sanda and one other for allegedly helping to conceal evidence on the crime scene.
In count one of the amended charge, the police alleged that Maryam had caused the death of her husband, Bilyamin Bello “by stabbing him on the chest and other parts of the body with a knife and other dangerous weapons which eventually led to his death.”
It was alleged in the second count that Aliyu, Maimuna, a former Executive Director of Aso Savings and Loans and one Sadiya Aminu with the knowledge that a murder has been committed “cause evidence of the offence to disappear.”
Police alleged that the trio cleaned the blood from the crime scene with the intention of screening Maryam from legal punishment.
They all pleaded not guilty to the charge and while Maimuna, Aliyu and Sadiya were released on bail, the court ordered that the pregnant and breast-feeding Maryam be remanded in prison.  (First Weekly Magazine)

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