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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice-Steve Jobs. Mahmud Jega in his Daily Trust, Monday column captioned “This thing called ‘Killer Herdsman”, reveals quite a lot. The piece exposes on one hand, the double standards of the Christian animist south and the middle belt and their injustices in killing herdsmen and expects to get away with genocide.
Jega, although, he narrated the herdsmen trials and tribulations, but was so casual, as if they are not Nigerians like Tiv, Yoruba or any other noise maker Christian animist. The Daily Trust would appear to me to be more commercial in nature and with dominant secular world views to care about the core interests of the Muslims and Islam.
Daily Trust take the yearly rituals of its so-called “annual dialogue” to exhibit their faces more important than to be square with the Christian animist assaults against the Muslims in the north.
In addition, Daily and Sunday Trust editions would appear to me again, to give Christians too much space to neutralize any feeble support the paper renders to Islam and Muslims. Most people who comment on Trust seem to think so and tend to believe, the paper, is one kind in this respect. I believe that they have done better than the sit down critics to put up a facility that at least airs our views.
If the critics could venture and even support with articles rather than seat on the streets and while away, perhaps they would have given their widows might. But even then, if one decides to play with a snake, hyena or sing a song, it is his choice. If along the line he sings badly, one is free to say Oh! this song is weird.
I will not listen to it or buy the cassette. The singer will not ask him why you don’t sing yourself if you dislike it. If the hyena chops his hands the spectator will blame him for it. He cannot take the blame.
While it is pretty clear the Christian dailies will not allow the views of Muslims to be printed in their papers unless those that vilify the likes of Buhari or the northern Muslim interests.
This fact they know. The polarisation in Nigeria is real even though the contradictions also are real. In Lagos and the south, the patronage of northern papers is low, if at all. The level of support, without apology by the Daily Trust to the Muslims is not as serious as all the nations Christian newspapers and middle belt remain unapologetic about Christian evangelism and blind support for criminal acts involved by Christians. So why is Daily Trust being more Pope than the Pope.
An eye for an eye is fair when dealing with treacherous elements. One does not ask an eye for two or more eyes. It is only then justice and balance will stand. Indeed, the Muslims that have tons of money like Dangote but refuse to set up papers like the Ibru’s, Tinubu’s, Awo’s as well as those hungry for power to be President of Nigeria from the core north at all cost can be fingered by Trust.
However, anything worth doing do not say I told you. Even as at today Thursday February 1, 2018, my 65th birthday, that I am writing this piece, the treacherous reporting by the treacherous Yoruba press the Nation and others in the south are unrepentant.
While 7 Fulani were killed in Benue Gboko, they report that “7 persons” were killed. The same treacherous Nation reports 1 pregnant Yoruba woman was killed by “Fulani” in Ekiti. The Daily Trust says “police confirm 7 killed”. What does “7 killed” or “7 persons” killed mean. That 7 Fulani were killed in Gboko should be written in black and white to inform the reading public.
To suppress this information by the press especially Trust indicates the opposite of trust they claim hypocrisy. If it were a Christian animist killed, a Yoruba, Ibo or any trash will be blown out of proportion on suspected “killer herdsmen”.
We say suspect and if these treacherous Yoruba’s and southerners that claim SANs and bogus lawyers with fake human rights group without proof declare “herders” or any Muslim as a “killer”. So without proof in a court of law he becomes the accuser, the prosecutor and the judge all in three. Just Because he has a hidden agenda to insult and vilify Buhari and core Muslim north because they are not bribed as they used to be during the PDP/ Jonathan administrations lawlessness and economic terrorism with the oil and gas money they looted and gave crumbs to treacherous journalists.
The EFCC is questioning Dokpesi of AIT on suspected but if one goes by the crude treacherous press the looted funds he collected. Given this endless falsehood and treacherous reporting, what are our ruling elites in the core Muslim north for if not to protect our religious and all rights and integrity as provided for in the Nigerian constitution for? Or is it for animist southern and middle belt minority Christians and secular Muslim elites only?
It is unfortunate to support terrorism on people that do not profess your religion or belong to your tribe. But that is what the journalists in the Christian animist pursue blindly, openly and unjustly. So while the animists commit genocide on herders and Muslims the right of Muslims for justice and an eye for an eye is rejected and vilified.
When they kill a Fulani or herders relative who serves Daily Trust, it is then they will recognise where the shoe punches.
Although, I do not pray that to happen but those who see evil and careless, if it backfires, is not strange. It is because of the hate articles and speeches Trust publishes in the name of “balancing” or “representing” the other view that Trust deceive themselves.
Yours sincerely, was away in London and Germany in 1974 and later in the US in 1978 with US dollars to spend and travel round. I should like to believe that I travelled to so-called “London”, “Hamburg”, “Frankfurt”, “New York” “Philadelphia” and what have you before any joker in the park in the nations media industry raising dust in the current millennium.
What obtains clearly, the Christians and Jews aggression on Muslims is total and unjust. Even on blacks regardless one is a Christian is “Shithole”. The Time magazine, BBC, VOA and the print and electronic media are Zionists controlled and are 100% anti-Islam and blacks. The Ibo, Yoruba or Tiv so-called Christians are monkies and sheet. Islamophobia the religion that is superior to all living religions is the one to beat but they are failing drastically. But the negative campaign and media twisting of facts are legend. So let them not deceive themselves at Trust.
All the endless US-Zionist contrived wars, and more so on the genocides in the Muslim worlds of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere in the Muslim worlds are products of media twisting and lies to justify genocide on innocent Muslims and the destruction of their economic base.
That is the leaf the Christian animist media in Nigeria and thenone Muslim worlds have barrowed wholesale. Why don’t Christian animist Dimka or Okar and their likes in the middle belt hate Yoruba, Ibo, and southerners who have no record of developing them at the micro and macro levels as the Muslims in the core north have? The Senators and members of the house are PDP falsehood mongers most Christian animists who ignore the animist-Christian murders itching to return to loot just after 3 years the opposition party they refused to allow to function so they return to reloot and halt the recoveries of their looted funds. And even as IBB did, have the guts to return the confiscated back to themselves.
The deceit of the Christian animists since 1966 to commit crimes against Muslim leaders starting with the Ibo in 1966 will be itemized. It is, however, instructive to reproduce the Tiv Orkar hate speech for the records to remove any deceit and pretence about the evils of the Christian animist or atheist anywhere in the world with respect to his envy on Muslims and Islam in Nigeria. One with envy is agitated to murder you and commit genocide.
The difference is that the US-Zionist have no mercy for not only Muslims but any human being on earth. So Russia, China, South American, Arab and Africa Christian and Japanese and Asians are dispensable to satisfy the US-Zionist greed and arrogance.
For the records, the National Concorde edition of Tuesday, April 24, 1990 page 9 reports in part on the “Abortive Coup: What rebel leader said” and his speech goes: “Fellow Nigerians citizens.
On behalf of the patriotic and well-meaning people of the middle belt and southern parts of the country, I Major Gideon Gwarza Okar wish to happily inform you of the successful ousting of the dictatorial corrupt, drug baronish, evil men sadistic, deceitful, homosexual- centered, oligarlistic, unpatriotic administration of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.”
Further, Tiv Okar stated that the overall progress of the Nigerian state, a temporary decision to excise the following state namely Sokoto, Borno, Katsina, Kano and Bauchi states from the federal Republic of Nigeria comes into effect immediately until” some conditions are met.
On the PDP Corruption: the Dialy Trust Monday, February 9, 2015, Anatomy of Nigeria’s $20 billion “leak”. “In late 2013, Nigeria’s then central bank Governor Lamido Sanusi wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan claiming that the oil company had failed remit tens of billions of oil revenues it owed the state.
After the letter was leaked to Reuters and local news site, Jonathan publicly dismissed the claimand replace Sanusi, saying the banker had mismanaged the central bank’s budget. A senate committee later found Sanusi’s account lacked substance. Before he was sacked, though, the central banker submitted to Nigeria’s parliament more than 300 pages of document in support of his claim.”
“A spokesman for NNPC rejected Sanusi’s allegations and referred Reuters to last Augusts’ Senate inquiry. The inquiry expressed satisfaction that most of the money not remitted was withheld for legitimate reasons. But it urged the NNPC to remit $700 million that the committee said it could not account for.
One firm, Seven Energy, signed for three fields; another, Atlantic Energy, for two. Seven Energy was co-founded in 2004 by Kola Aluko, an oil trader and Christian southerner. Reuters has reviewed the contracts the firms signed with NNPC.
They give seven Energy 10 percent of profit in the three oil blocks it operates, while Atlantic gets 30 percent of profits in its two blocks. The contract also shows that, unlike Shell, neither firm pays royalties, profits tax or duties to the state.”
“In his report, Sanusi called the kerosene subsidy a “racket” that lines the pockets of private kerosene retailers and NNPC staff. The report estimated the cost of the subsidy at $100 million a month. It said kerosene retailers- there are hundreds of them around the country- routinely charged customers much higher prices than the government pays to import the fuel.
Multiple scandals in the oil sector since Jonathan took power have boosted the popularity of his rival, former military leader Muhammad Buhari. Remembered by some for deposing a civilian government in a 1983 coup and trampling on civil liberties, the scandal-wearing general often promises to “free” Nigeria from corruption.”
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