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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BBNaija: 5 reasons Cee C is a masterclass in emotional manipulation

Controversial personalities and their antics have, for a while, been the bread and butter of Big Brother Naija and its African variation.
We’ve had hyper-masculine housemates, violent ones and in the case of Pokello, housemates that just seemed to carry trouble.

On this year’s edition, however, viewers are learning to observe and accommodate a special type of confusion from a young lady who is by far this edition’s most infamous housemate, Cee-C.

From constant fights with her fellow housemates to last night’s fracas with Tobi  and Teddy A, Cee C has shown a knack for exerting undue influence by exploiting emotions, both hers and her subjects.

It may seem a bit harsh to say Cee C is giving us a masterclass in emotional manipulation, but here are five reasons why that is exactly the case.

(1) She never takes a definite course of action:

Fans of Big Brother Naija first began to raise eyebrows about Cee-C when they were made privy to her conversations with her then-partner, Tobi.

Despite being the one to raise an issue with his actions, she would often ramble on without definitely saying what was wrong or settling on a definite path of what she expected from their ‘relationship’.

This is one of the most obvious traits of emotionally manipulative people.

Remaining vague and appearing confused forces the other party to remain jittery in an effort to please her which is what Tobi ended up doing for days until he saw the light.

(2) She has a tendency to manipulate facts:

Last night, Cee C challenged the intelligence of fellow housemates, Tobi and Teddy A, and the whole of Nigeria when she claimed to be a virgin (despite telling Big Brother, the show’s invisible host, that the last time she had sex was two years ago).

She also claimed that she had never made sexual advances towards Tobi despite video evidence to the contrary.

Lying, deforming the truth, and making exaggerations are traits of an emotionally manipulative person which often serves to paint the latter as a better person that whoever is unlucky enough to be on the other side of their lies.

(3) Raising her voice and displaying negative emotions:

Most viewers know Cee C for her spats and disagreements with fellow housemates.

What usually happens in most instances is that she enters a situation with a distinctly negative demeanour. She then takes issues with a person’s actions, raising her voice while at it to make her anger clear.

Emotionally manipulative people do this in the hope that you’ll submit to their coercion and give them what they want.

The aggressive voice is frequently combined with strong body languages such as standing or excited gestures to increase impact.

(4) Tobi has been the victim of constant judging and criticism

I wouldn’t trade places with Tobi for a million naira.

Over the show, the Heritage Bank former employee has become a punching bag in one form or the other.

By constantly picking on him and berating his actions and choices, she attained superiority over him and made sure he was always at her ‘beck’ and call.

(5) She lives in the hood, in “victim-hood”.

When all else fails, the emotionally manipulative person is content to take a seat in the corner and mope, in the hopes that they will receive some pity and compassion.

You remember a few days ago when the housemates had a game of “Kiss, Marry, Kill” where all the housemates, save Rico, chose to kill Cee-C.

Well, after her peers had shown they were not in love with her, Cee C launched into a story about her late mother that featured a lot of crying and quickly became a pity party.

The purpose of this sort of behaviour is often to exploit good will, guilty conscience, sense of duty and obligation, or protective and nurturing instinct.  (Pulse NG)

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