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Monday, 12 March 2018

CAMPUS STARS:Your Vote Is Your Right Use It Wisely-Comrade Tatiko(NANISS PRESIDENT IBBUL CHAPTER)

"Campus stars is an interview section of my blog set aside to celebrate individuals making remarkable impacts in tertiary institutions all across Nigeria,Today on Campus Star we would be shinning a light on a remarkable Comrade,Comrade Tatiko, who is currently the President,National Association of Niger State students,Ibrahim Badamasi University Lapai,Niger State,Read and enjoy as we journey with him".

Hi Comrade, Can you introduce yourself?
I am Comrade Hamza Muhammad Tatiko A. K. A the (Aluta Young achiever) the incumbent Executive NANISS President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai chapter.
From the prestigious and academic rigorous department of counseling psychology.I am  presently a 400 level student.
I was born in Minna Niger state on October 13th 1993,I am Gwari by tribe from Paikoro L. G.A . I attended Saudatu Gamba Memorial Haske,Tunga,Minna,where I obtained my primary school certificate from 1999 to 2005, from there I moved on to Government Secondary school Minna. GSS Minna(father O"connel high school ) from 2005 to 2011 where I obtained my SSCE, I also attended education resource center where I obtained a certificate and diploma in Computer Engineering from 2011 to 2013 in collaboration with Amitech Computer Institute and in 2014, I was privileged to gain admission into Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai ,Niger State.
I was born to the family Mallam Muhammad Yahaya Paiko.  A discipline inclined father of 11( 4girls 7 boys ) and a husband to two lovely and caring wives.I am the 7th child in the family child but the second from my mum.

What brought about the Aluta name "Young Achiever"?

The tag "young achiever" was actually a nick name of a secondary school mate Umar Suleiman back then  in GSS Minna. So I read meaning into the name and decided to decorate it within my own political tag name and bring it to reality. Even if the name is self explanatory I still see it necessary to say I in person,am young and I have alot to achieve especially in student unionism .

Did you ever think you will attain the position you are at now?

After I wrote JAMB and was successful my brother who at that time was in 100level, Shared an experience of the election conducted in IBBUL,He also explained to me the zoning system of an association called NANISS in the University and how a president, Abdul emerged, who was from same zone with me.He suggested that if I was interested in politics I should try contest in  in 300 level that it would be back to my zone. To cut the story short,I had the thoughts but never believed it would come into reality but the Almighty has made it so.

So how did you feel on your win?

Wow..  It was an exhilarating feeling,crossbred  with the never released tears of joy. It was never expected. Trust me having such odds against me, an opponent in my department, another in my faculty making the 3 of us from the almighty faculty of education and arts and still having another single opponent in sciences. Hmmmmm I just can't express that feeling but trust me. I would never forget it. And those who made me exprience such feelings on that day the likes of Clique,sa'ad Kb ndagi, Slanko, Mashkur, Aliyu,  General, sani kaleemulah, Aluta Radio, Aisha, chiroma,zainab Ndayako,Farida Adam, amina zuru ,Hanny put together with the Hiltop lodgians, my family at home, students of COP, and the entire students of IBB university lapai Gracia's to you all

How would you describe your tenure so far?

So far so good I would like to say thanks be to Allah the exalted , it hasn't been easy even though there is always one or two domestic issues between either my executives or the parliament but I believe it is for the best interest of the association.Trust me,I am a firm believer that this ship is heading towards the right direction and not towards the "Iceberg" *Giggles*

What has been achieved under your leadership?

Well it's not what I have been able to achieve but we have been able to achieve among which are
1. Free exams card for over 4000+ students
2. Provision of temporary accommodation for newly admitted students who lacked shelter during registration period
3. Payment of scholarship for both u14 and U15
4.Free transportation for four Local Government areas (chanchaga -Minna-, bida, suleja, and borgu)
5.first Naniss inter local government football competition
6. Purchase of an association car
7. Freshers night /Orientation program for new students.
8. Loaned 15,000 each to students to enable them pay up their school fees.

Would you share some of the challenges you are faced with?

We have two major challenges so far
1. Finance
2 . NANISS National convention
1. For the past 5 years the association has never witnessed a backdrop in students payment of dues like this year  ,In the Vice chancellors words he said out of the 4000+ admitted students only half of them have paid their fees talk more of paying Naniss dues and the returning students hardly pay but as you know no association can progress without a healthy financial back bone. I hope and pray students would have faith in this administration and turn out to do the right thing by paying their dues Regularly
2. Convention..  Why I said this is also part of my administration challenges is because due to clash of interest this is where friends become enemies, and enemies become friends  all because you have refused to satisfy their own ego but rather the interest of the majority. We would be bound to face all sort of criticism from this set of aspirants most especially those that lost in the just concluded primaries election but my administration has decided to work with the provision of the local chapter constitution.
As far as the convention is concerned we have ibbulites aspiring for virtually all the position which is not proper because as a senator in the national chapter you have to negotiate with other senators to give them vote for a particular office and they would give you theirs. But right now as it stands Ibbul stands a small chance of returning with key offices but I hope as time goes on some of them would put IBBULs interest before their own.

Whats your take on young peoples participation in politics?

It's quite a thing of joy to see young people like my self having such passion to partake in decision making process. If we the youths would stand firm and make a collective decision with a sincere purpose we wont just be ruling Nigeria but the world at large.

Are you in any relationship, If yes ,how have you been able to balance politics and love?

Yes I am, with the most beautiful, amazing, reliable, amiable,Scintilating,Spontaeneous, mind blowing and above all understanding lady ever from the department computer science 400 level. Honestly it hasn't been easy combining both although her shoulder is where I lay most of my  political obstacles for her to dust, and Deep down I hope and pray it would lead to marriage but if Allah wills it is the other way round then I hope I find a better suitor,   Even though we have our own domestic issues trust me those issues are what makes our relationship stronger behind every successful man they say there's a woman this time around behind every successful tatiko there is a Limanko (smiles) ..

What do u look forward to achieving before the end of your tenure?

Well we look forward to achieve a lot despite the little we have achieved if wishes were horses then I would say it is our intention to have
1. Magazine launch
2. Public address system in lecture halls
3. Increase transportation system
4. Addressing Water system in all hostels
5. Constitutional amendment.(converting it to application) so to have easy access by all students
6. This is actually our capital project ( Naniss Ibbul bakery)
But truth be told with the present fund at hand we can't achieve all this. But we have already forwarded water system issues to some gorvement parastatals , last two weeks they came to check the hostels and promised to convert it to solar ,we pray they fulfill their promise
But for now magazine launch, constitutional amendment and bakery is our priorities for now even if we don't have the prayers, determination and the will to succeed we shall achieve.

what do you want to be remembered for when you drop the mantle of leadership?

We should be remembered that what ever we have done we have done to touch the lives of  students positively, not for our own interest but the interest of the students at large. And most importantly The positive and constructive legacies we would be leaving behind for others to follow. And the joy of every dying father is to have a worthy successor. I hope and pray ibbulites would vote in a new leadership that would do better than we have done come 2018/19 Naniss election.

What's your advice to youths on participating in voting process,not only in the campus but outside?

This just reminded me of our upcoming magazine publication which is centered on youths. But nevertheless I would advise that we should not feel discouraged to exercise our franchise either in student unionism or societal politics because it is the best way to elect those who would move the union, state and the country at large towards the right direction by casting out those who are less competent to represent us. Your vote is your right use it wisely

What has been your driving force?

In one word "Allah (S. W. A)

After school ,do you plan on participating in politics?

Truth be told I have that dream and hope to put it into reality .Although I intend to start from the grassroot which is my local government.  Because it is said that "if there is life there is hope"  by his will I will surely achieve this goal

It was nice having you Comrade.

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