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Thursday, 15 March 2018

THUNDERBOLT! Man gets stuck inside married woman, loses manhood

A Zimbabwean man, who got stuck inside a married woman he was having sex with, has been buried without his manhood.

According to reports, the couple died five days after the man’s penis got stuck inside the woman’s vagina.
Reports said the two were rushed to a government hospital, but they were not attended to due to the ongoing nationwide doctors’ strike in Zimbabwe.
They were said to have been taken to a private hospital where they died.
After their deaths, a surgery was performed to separate them but the man’s manhood could not, however, be retrieved. He was, thus, buried without his manhood.
“The two had sex on Monday in a room and got stuck together. It was the man’s nephew that broke into the room and found them, then called the police for help.”
“The duo were sent to a private hospital (name withheld) after government hospitals could not attend to them due to the Nationwide strike in Zimbabwe, the source revealed.
Another eyewitness said,
“The couple died after five days of sticking together, the husband of the now deceased woman who is a driver was reachable after they had died.
“A surgery was performed after the death of the two and unfortunately the man’s organ could not be separated from the woman’s hence he was buried without his manhood.”

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