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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Godfatherism; A major impediment to national development.

When I took this topic to the social media, the responses, views and opinions were all the same so I'll try to be as brief and succinct as possible.
While receiving comments, a lot of people asked me to be a bit more specific as to which area of godfatherism I was talking about. In my opinion there is no need to be specific because every where there is life there is politics and where you find politics, you find godfatherism.
Lets look at the dictionary definition of who a godfather is. (Don't mind me, I love the dictionary).
(1) A godfather is one having a relation to someone or something analogous to that of a male sponsor to his godchild.
(2)It also means the leader of an organized crime syndicate.
From the definitions above, we see that there is both a positive and negative side as to who and what a godfather can be. Over time, due to the self-centeredness of some of our leaders who play the godfather role,  we at the bottom of the food chain, have suffered in one way or another and this has hindered the continuous progress of a nation such as Nigeria.
Godfatherism has eaten deep into everything that one can't really get anything done without the godfather figure. And because of this, people at different levels irrespective of age have been exploited in unimaginable ways.
In my own opinion, some of the numerous ways to stop this canker worm that has eaten deep into our society is to first of all stop giving excessive relevance to people who seem to know but actually don't know, people who are more concerned about their interest which is obviously selfish. Then there should be more than an iota if selflessness and penchant for continuous national development. With all these is place, godfatherism will be seen as highly unnecessary and irrelevant.

From a concerned citizen.

Comr. David De-great Iweze
A.k.a curve2

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