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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

My Opinion: Never Judge A Book By The Stories You Hear About It.!-Ahmed Yunusa (Lambo)

We live in a judgemental world but what is even disturbing is people are judged before they are known,A misconception is already created to a stranger about someone by someone else .
People are every where tarnishing other peoples images ,We see it everywhere ,on social media ,physically.I mean its everywhere .Gossips carrying a lot of false stories about someone and most time the victim may never get a chance to prove his/herself.
Let me share a recent experience , I received a request from Someone for some help, I did all I could and finally I succeeded in rendering the help,The person was indeed surprised,She opened up and told me how reluctant she was to ask me of my help because of previous stories and "so called gists",she had heard about me,until someone persuaded her to give it a try and now realises how false the stories were,how different I was from the image she had about me,The image which was created by " false story carriers".This raised some questions in  my mind like,What if I didn't get a chance to correct the wrong perception?
How many other people picture me this way?
Why do people tarnish other peoples image?
What is even disturbing is that most times this circulating stories sprout from people close to you,People you do not expect it from. Well. ..Its really just important not to judge people by what you hear,judge them by what you see ,Don't be in a hurry to give someone a tag because of what another person says. Give them the benefit of doubt,Get to know them,Talk to them ,You may be surprised ,they may not be anything close to who you think they are .Never Judge a book by the stories you hear,take time out read it and then just maybe after reading,you can start judging.

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