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Friday, 22 June 2018

Turkish Singer Killed In Bar Shootout In Bodrum

Turkey singer
Turkish singer Hacer Tulu was one of two people killed in a bar shootout in the town of Bodrum.
Reports from local news states that four men opened fire in Pasha Club in the popular tourist destination of Barlar Street in the town.
The 40-year-old musician was hit in the crossfire and despite attempts to revive her at the hospital, she didn’t make it.
Mehmet Ali Sürensoy, an entertainment venue owner, was also killed in the attack, with several other casualties now being treated.
The attackers have since been reportedly detained by police in Manisa.
In her career, Hacer was a model and actress as well as a singer, and just moments before the attack she had uploaded videos to her Instagram of her partying with pals on stage.

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