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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Isn't it annoying how trendy it is for boys to now see a girls heart as a game of chances , Asking different girls out just in case one seems interested , getting so many girls attracted to you and then withdrawing from them or is it the new trend of boys not to weigh their class difference, A secondary school boy asking a 400 level girl out on social media and when he is ignored he gets all bitter and Gbam, there it is the lady is a devil.
Or maybe its just annoying to feel asked out and loved only to find out you are being used.
Taking a census of my friends and acquaintances most girls feel more used than loved which is gradually becoming a menace in the society. Majorly guys take advantage of the fact that the ladies are soft and  take advantage of them,Ladies suddenly become hardened and put it out on any guy that comes their way and then the whole world feels the guys are the emotional victims. So guys common it is hightime you stop playing games,get a lady you love and that loves you just as much,settle down, dating is not a game of chances its a real life situation, so the next time you think of professing your love here and there, think of the recieving end,because saying it alone is planting a seed of love in someones heart, dont plant it, If you cannot water it,Don't punish the ground which is the heart.. Ok i will stop here.. 

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