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Monday, 2 July 2018

Beautiful Lady Narrates Her Ordeal With Uber Driver In Lagos (Photo)

A young Nigerian identified as Doyin Unabi has shared her disturbing UBer experience on a trip to lAGOS.
Read below;
From the beginning of the Tayo @slushlashmakeover and I had issues with the booth space as he had his dirty laundry in it. We asked him to create space for the luggages which he was reluctant to do. Then he started the trip before moving and this was where he started misbehaving.
He stopped to buy fuel without saying anything to his passengers and when we asked why he did that, he ignored us, as in kept mute, how rude??Then I noticed he took an unfamiliar route, I spoke up immediately and that was when he became verbally insultive, berating us and using swear words. When we became worried,we asked him to end the trip and he said he won’t that I should be the one to end the trip.
He threatened to drop us at an unknown destination, but we insisted he drives to a familiar place. At some point I was just tired to continue talking, I was coming from work and all I wanted to do was go home and rest.
Mr Okechukwu is not fit to be out there driving unsuspecting clients. He has anger issues and we thank God we got to our destination in one piece. Actions should be taken against this man to prevent further incidences. Please pardon any grammatical error biko, I am vexed jare!

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