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Thursday, 19 July 2018

I regret ‘neglecting’ my family while pursuing career – Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal manager, says he regrets neglecting his family and those closest to him while pursuing his managerial career.
After a 22-year run managing the Arsenal football club, Wenger parted ways with the Gunners at the end of last season.
Wenger split with wife, Annie Brosterhous, in 2015 after five years.
Their marriage reportedly crashed due to the Frenchman prioritising his career over family.
“I regret having sacrificed everything I did because I realise I’ve hurt a lot of people around me,” Wenger said in a radio interview on French station RTL’s programme ‘What If’.
“I’ve neglected a lot of people. I’ve neglected my family, I’ve neglected many close ones. Deep down though, the obsessed man is selfish in his pursuit of what he loves. He ignores a lot of other things. But it’s a bone to chase at the same time.
“Often, I’m asked if Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira will be good managers and I always answer yes.
“They have all the qualities; they’re intelligent, they know football, they have the excellent skillset, but do they want to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed? It’s an obsession which bounces around your head day and night.”
Arsenal is currently preparing for the upcoming season under new coach, Unai Emery.

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