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Thursday 19 July 2018

SERIOUSLY? Beautiful Lady Commits Suicide After Allegedly Thinking That Her Bf Is Cheating On Her

A beautician hanged herself in front of her little girl after having an argument with her boyfriend about him going on a “boys’ night out”, according to The Sun UK.
The woman who is a mum-of-one identified as Agnieszka Giza, 23, had wanted to attend a concert with partner Marek Goralczyk. But he left her at home when he found out that his friends were not bringing their other halves.
The couple swapped a series of angry tit-for-for tat texts as Agnieszka stayed at home looking after their three-year-old daughter in Runcorn, Cheshire.
She mistakenly thought businessman Marek, 30, was with another woman and demanded he come home — but the battery in his phone ran out and he stayed over at a pal’s house, an inquest he.ard.
Ms Giza was found hanged in her home the next day by workmen who came to repair a patio door — with her daughter crying next to her body.
A toxicology report found she was more than twice the legal drink driving limit.
The “fantastic mother”, originally from Poland, had run her beauty therapy bu.siness with Mr Goralczk and the couple were together for three years.
But on February 24 the couple fell out over plans to see a rap concert performed by a Polish musician.
In a heartbeat, kin.g statement Mr Goralczk told the Cheshire coroner’s hearing in Warrington: “Agnieszka wanted to go and the other boys were not taking their girlfriends, so I told her that I was going by myself.

‘In hindsight, she might have thought I was cheating on her. She WhatsApp-ed me but then my phone died.”
He added:
“I drank around six red bulls and then left. I went to a friend’s house and fell asleep.
“I woke after about two hours to my friend knocking on the door and he told me about Agnieszka’s death”.
“I was in complete shock. I returned home to see the police there.
“I cannot believe Agnieszka is dead. She was a strong woman and a loving mother to our daughter.”
Sgt David Wood from Cheshire Police told how two workmen arrived at 8 am the following morning to mend the patio but became concerned when they heard a child crying in the house. They managed to make their way into the house and began shouting for Agnieszka — but they heard the daughter saying “Daddy is home”.
Sgt Wood added: “They made their way to the bedroom. They knocked on the door and didn’t get a response but continued to hear the daughter.
“They did not want to enter just in case Agnieszka was undressed, so the Polish man rang a mutual friend.
“When he arrived, he opened the door with a chisel. That was when they saw Agnieszka”.
Assistant Coroner Janet Napier recorded a conclusion of accidental death saying she did not believe Miss Giza intended to kill herself.
She said: “She was a little intoxicated and expecting him to come home and tragically she was found dead in a room with her daughter.
“She died as a result of an accident.”

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