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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Silent Achiever ; Honourable Joshua Bawa(Kauran Kontagora)

I have never written an article like this before but we all know the common saying;
'Give Honor To whom it is due' .

I feel its long overdue.
If your actions inspire people to,learn more,do more and become more, You are a leader.-John Quincy Adams

 In the words of Warren Bennis, Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality,that brings me to the reason for writing this article,

Let me start with a personal experience and trust me anyone that has had contact with Honourable Bawa would validate this story or would have something similar to share.

I had a vision a year ago, It looked really silly,I  spoke to alot of older people about it ,as a youth and  a student then ,I needed capital even though it was humanitarian ,you know:
We need money for basically everything, I spoke to Honourable Joshua Bawa,I was shy and timid at first,The thing with Nigerian  youths is that we are sacred of talking to older People especially the ''Big men" because we do not want to be disappointed by a turn down,

Mr Joshua was different ,He listened to me like he would to his biological child, I shared my ideas , he was very interactive ,I gained a whole lot of wisdom from him, he was humble and kind I was able to build a structure , a team and my seemingly dumb idea became the first of its kind and trust me it was a huge success with proofs .

I was not paid to write about this,neither is Mr Joshua aware of this article although i might feature an interview about him soon. I am not the only youth with such experience ,Many others have their own share of experience.

Out of an extremely busy schedule, Hon Bawa has meetings with youth groups secretly,talks about their plights shares his life experiences more than any other made man ,I know , He has secretly renovated alot of schools in rural areas and provided other social amenities,His achievements are out numbered and i have decided to shine a light on him.

If we youths had more Honourable Bawa's, less ideas would die of lack of support, Its high time we celebrate secret achievers , publicly. I am only stopping here so its not to cumbersome for you to read..But most times the silent ones achieve more than the whistle blowers.

If you know any other silent achiever that deserves an appraisal too ,Contact me directly on 07037380266

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