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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Her fiance’s family says she’s not wife material few weeks to wedding

Nigerian lady has called out for help after the family of her fiance claimed she’s not a wife material just some few weeks to their wedding, which they have been planning for about 3 years.
According to the lady, the family claimed she is likely to be the dominant wife just because they had different interests on the choice of resources needed for the wedding.
Her fiance's family says she's not wife material few weeks to wedding lailasnews 2
She sent her story to livelystones.com and at the moment she is so confused on what to do as the guy’s family even refused to listen to the pleas from members of her own family.
Read her story below:
I am very hurt. My wedding was supposed to take place last Saturday but it was called off without any explanation.
I met my man through my mother’s friend based aboard three years ago. We had our marriage introduction 2016 and we planned the wedding for April 2017 but sister was like we should postpone it reason is that for the brother to come down to Nigeria that the UK embassy don’t take absent of a spouse because they wanted to do it in his absent.
He begged me to wait that I should please bear with him it was not easy for me because already I have told people about my wedding and the date.
My ex has four sisters and they are kind of very close so involved them in everything he wants to do which I don’t have problem with that.His mum accepted me and me I love her took care of her like my mother even the sister who is out of marriage is staying with her mum with four children I love her too.
Fast forward to when the date was pick which is 25 of August that we started having issues.
It was his sisters that shopped for my wedding things which I complain that I don’t like the color ,they said the list I gave them was too expensive which is the hall and food ,I got a hall of #160 they got a hall of #300k near their house not even the bride side I never complain ,they said after the wedding I will stay with mother in law and sister which I said no due to distance and the nature of my work.
The worst of all that happened is that my ex was telling his sisters every thing we discussed both the argument and my chat he was forwarding it to them. His sister in Nigeria was telling them all manners of lies against me and they believed her.
Her fiance’s family says she’s not wife material few weeks to wedding
They put pressure and fear on him not to marry me he has to call off the wedding after buying things for the wedding. He is around in Nigeria now and I try to see him but his family are refusing me seeing him because I don’t have his Nigeria ‘s no.
I was told that he said he love me but he scared based on what they told him. That I am not a wife material. That I will control him and drive him out because he stays in US.
My mother has been begging them but they refuse to listen.
He even blocked me since then. His cousin told me they already found another girl for him.
What do I do,I dated this guy for three years. I love him. I already have done introduction. Everybody knows I am supposed to be getting married. The scandal is killing my parents.If this guy still loves me,how do I win him back? He never gave a chance to explain myself. What did I do wrong?
Or should I really move on? After three years? Where do I start from?

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