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Monday, 6 August 2018

How to Sell Event Tickets Online and Fast in Nigeria

Event promoters and event organizers in Nigeria are constantly looking for a way to connect their customers to their event tickets in order to Sell Event Tickets Onlineand fast. They are often looking for ways to reach out to internet users in Nigeria, a number that is increasing by the day.
There are a few things that you must consider as an Event promoter or event organizer when thinking about selling event tickets online in Nigeria.
A) Reach out to the target audience
Which audience are you targeting?
When setting up an event, you will need to define the audience the event is meant for: the age, their demography and the type of event category your audience like (Business, Festival, Private event etc).

B) Use online ticketing platform
What website should you use to sell tickets for an event?
The best one with the latest update when dealing with event ticketing platforms for effective promotion in meeting your ticket buyers online in Nigeria is 
The website can easily handle your event ticketing from the first point of contact with a prospective buyer to the moment they purchase your ticket
Here are some of the features that the best online ticketing platform in Nigeria has:
Option to choose a preferred language to reach the right audience: Promoters can select the preferred language (English or one of any of the most three popular languages in Nigeria Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) that your audience will be comfortable with to use in buying their tickets.
- Easy to create event: Create an account through a quick setup process, then fill in the event name and information, set the start and end date and set your ticket prices
- Choose your visibility: There are three options to the visibility. The event can be visible to all, a private event (only visible to those with the link to the event) or private passworded (a password is needed to access the private event)

- Manage your ticket: The system generates unique reference codes to automate ticket validation with barcode scanners. The attendee can print the ticket or present it on phone at the entrance. For a small-scale event, it can generate a guest list for those that signed up. 

C) Start Early Ticket Sales
It is advisable that sales of tickets should start from 2-3 months before to paid events within Music concert, Comedy shows, business conference event. While for free events, people are more likely to respond within the last 7 days to the event. 

D) Use social media influencers or Bloggers in Nigeria.  
There are over 19.0 million active social media users in Nigeria out of which 17.0 million are through mobile phones.
Connecting to some of the social media users in Nigeria to sell tickets in the most effective way

G) Have a Dedicated Customer Care Unit
It is important to have in-house and extensive dedicated customer care to assist online buyer 24/7 whenever there is a request for it. This should include phone call centre services 

About the Author: is the largest event platform in Nigeria and the only website till date that is solely dedicated to event in the three most spoken local languages in Nigeria (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) apart from the official English language to promote event, sell tickets buy tickets online. A platform that helps your event attendee to grow. Visit

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