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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Nigerians’ Most Searched Google Words Are Depressing

In a Google Nigeria event, Google VP Global Marketing, Marvin Chow, gave us a window into the hearts and minds of Nigerians. This is what the nation is searching. In other words, these are the most searched items by Nigerians on Google.
  • Wizkid soco
  • World Cup fixtures
  • Npower
  • Prepare banga soup
  • Who is richest musician in Nigeria
  • How to dance shaku shaku
  • Black panther
  • BBNaija
  • How to tie gele*
Someone posted this on Facebook where it was sent to me with this caption.
At the on going Google For Nigeria conference holding here in Lagos, this is what Marvin Chow, the vice president of Google revealed to a startled audience as the most searched subjects in Nigeria this year. 


I’m embarrassed for us as a nation. I’m more embarrassed for my generation.
Nigeria needs to be fixed. If not, the nights may be VERY long! Yes, if these are issues that occupy the minds of our young people (the netizens), Nigeria is technically sick. (Tekedia)

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