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Monday, 1 October 2018

Happy Independence Day!!!, My Open Letter

Dear fellow Nigerians,
Nigeria is our own ,we can either destroy it or Together make it grow ...
As we take our responsibility of casting our votes in a few months from now, Let's think deeply about how our decisions affect our fatherland for generation to come..Let's take time to compare Nigeria to other Giant countries, its OK to,from when they were developing and the decisions and policies they made to be  where they are, And am so sure we will realise they had to stamp their feet to vote right without the sentiment of religion and tribe , they had to vote on the basis of capacity.. Nigeria needs a revolution..People die everyday on the basis of poverty, and we keep mute..  Let's use our brains and vote wisely 2018! Nigeria is our own! Nigeria needs to Grow! Pray for Nigeria! Pray for Jos! Pray for Leah! Happy independence day!!!
From Faith Adama,a concerned Nigerian!

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