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Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Dead Cannot Say Thank You ; My Tribute To Nacxo (Wave boy)

I remember that day like it was yesterday ,I got a WhatsApp message from Nacxo saying he was interested in performing at the annual entertainment show at the orphanage, "MegaVisit" .Sometime in 2017 he sent me his song and asked what I thought ,I heard the song and I was amazed about how talented he was and more so why I had not heard about him before time..well ,because of my blog I know almost every trending artist around the region ,if I hadn't posted your song my colleague ; a fellow blogger would have,  he asked if I could post a song he had done with a fellow artist Frayozee at that time ..I loved the song and posted ...I would listen to the song every morning and be excited the tithle is Oluwatishe, Its a gospel dancehall song  that will get you all joyful.
I kept on broadcasting the song and kept on wondering ,common this song was amazing it should trend more..well it never did.. We lost Nacxo this week after a brief illness and its so sad to see his death trending more than any of the songs he ever sang..
Its sad to see his so called fellow artists some of them who never broadcasted his song ,now appreciating him after death..
I was a big fan of Nacxo in fact I told him in person.. But I am disappointed that he had to be dead first to be publicised this is very common in our society and I think its high time we put an end to it .I have tried so hard to write this tribute but each time I try I get all teary . ..
Support your friends ,support talents.
The dead cannot say thank you..
Adieu! Wave boy Nacxo..

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