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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year Resolutions ! New year Plans!!

Its that time of the year again!!! ..The beginning of a new year,Pens are on the move jotting down resolutions like ,Oh! I am totally gonna change all my friends this new year,I can't carry the same bad belles lol..Most of the time these resolutions do not hold water , as just a few days into the year they are abandoned .
I will prefer , rather than making resolutions we make plans, just like an architect before building a house draws out a plan! We should draw a plan for 2019, what are those things business ,career and financial wise ?
For instance if you are looking towards buying a house, a car,a land,
What's the plan?What are you going to save from your monthly income and allowances towards that ..
Are you passionate about a skill,do you want to learn something related to that ,or if you have a prior knowledge ,Are you looking towards updating and improving your skills?
At the end of the year where do you want to stand ..
Whatever an architect draws is aimed towards giving him the best possible outlook. So whatever your plans are they should make you better  than now..2018 was a year! You know like common! People went through a lot ,If we draw a better plan 2019 would be a whole lot better!!
Thanks for reading !!
Happy New year!!

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