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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Guidelines To Surviving Your first Day In NYSC camp!!

NYSC Camp is the first stage towards starting your service year its a 3 week orientation course it is aimed at equipping corp members on the do's and donts of their service year. Here are some guidelines to help you survive the first day in camp..
1.Don't be deceived at the gate NYSC does not require a particular colour of passport for your meal tickets, do not let the photographers at the gate exploit you by making you snap a passport at double the price.. Make sure you have your passports from home!
2.Don't take any sharp or harmful object like fork,knife,iron ,hangers ,clippers even extensions may not be allowed ,to avoid having them seized at the gate.
3. Make sure your luggage is easy to carry,just in case the soldiers try to pull a stunt by asking you to put them on your head.
4.You will be allocated a room before completing your registration, make sure you lock up your bags ,Don't be too much in a hurry so you don't meet them empty...
5.Organize your documents as required on the NYSC dashboard ,put them in a file so you are not embarrassed by the NYSC officials during registration..
6.Its wise to go to camp with an extra shoe ,white Snickers and a white rubber shoe,most times the NYSC allocated shoes does not fit,they either come big or small..
7.Be sure to check your NYSC kit properly before leaving the registration counter,make sure they are complete and they fit.... 2 white shorts/tees , white snickers,khaki trouser ,khaki jacket,crested shirt,jungle boot ,belt and NYSC cap.Also write your state code number immediately after collection because some people are in a hurry to have extras.
8.Things are twice the price in camp except you can afford that luxury ,ensure you have your items from home, some important items are: bucket (s), bowl, cup, spoon,plate/flask,pillows ,padlock ,mosquito nets..
9)For hungry moments take along some will help!
10)Pay attention to instructions and follow accordingly from camp officials !!

I hope this helps you enjoy your stay.

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