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Wednesday 12 June 2019

FAB's 19 Questions With McDasaint !!!!!

Today on my Q n A session I will be featuring McDasaint a fast rising comedian , popular for his phrase #Ayaah , He is a civil engineer by profession and a comedian by passion, he is also popular for his comedy skits "My Opinion", He has worked with so many celebrity comedians, He is one comedian redefining the comedy scene,Read , as he answers 19 questions.

Pls introduce yourself?

My Name Is Clement Udupegheme , stage named  Da Saint.

Tell me, why comedy?

Well...Comedy Because it's my Gift and I was able to realise it even though I didn't go into it professionally on time.

Whats the weirdest food combination you have had?

Spaghetti and Indomie

What is your secret talent?

I can rap..

If you were to recreate a moment which will that be?
The first time travelled by air

What brought about your frequent use of the word "Ayaah" ?

I shouted ayaaah as a reaction unconsciously while on set of a comedy video. And people's comment on it was just too much that I had to hold on to it..

Was there a time you gave comedy a break and why?
I had a break in comedy during my University  days because the girl I was crushing on at the time told me that I was fooling myself that I didn't look like a comedian. The passion ended the break.

What's your favourite fashion item?

I love shoes.

Dating ,single searching?

What is the major challenge facing the comedy industry?

The Major challenge in the industry is getting into limelight.

Which celebrity comedian(s) have you enjoyed working with?

Mc Lively,Chuks da general, Edo pikin, Destalker, Mc Casino, Madiba, King James, I go save

What is your major challenge as a comedian?
As a comedian my  major challenge is creating content.

If you weren't a comedian, what would you be doing?

I would have been practicing Civil engineering

Who do you owe your success story to?
I owe my Success Story to God almighty.

If you were to describe your life with a hash tag?

What do you when you are not working?
When I am Not working I Work

Which comedian inspires you?

Ay is my Biggest Motivation.

What next should we expect for you?

My show in August live in the ancient city Of Benin

How do you balance your time between , anchoring , comedy skits, acting?
It's not really easy but I am a time conscious man.. I stand by this "there is time for everything

Thank you for your time.

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