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Saturday 8 June 2019

Yeast infection: gynaecologist warns women to avoid nylon pants

Theodore Yakubu, a gynaecologist, has advised women susceptible to dyspareunia (sexual, yeast infections) to avoid using nylon (elastic) pants to free themselves of such infections.
Yakubu gave the advice in an interview with NAN on Friday in Abuja.
According to him, painful sexual intercourse can be a sign of underlying medical disorder such as yeast infection, sexually transmitted infections and endometriosis, among others.
He explained that painful intercourse caused by yeast infection could be prevented by wearing cotton under pants as well as practice of good hygiene.
He urged women with such experience to imbibe the practice of cleaning from front to the back after using the toilet as well as urinating after sex.
He said such a practice helped to avoid bladder infections, which was a contributor to the condition.
The gynaecologist also recommended the use of lubricants where vaginal dryness was rampant for easy penetration to help prevent the condition.
He noted that the use of condom against sexually transmitted diseases as well as maintaining a sexual relationship with one person was another measure to prevent the disease.
Yakubu said that treatment of the condition should start from knowing its underlying cause.
He also recommended anti-fungal drugs for the treatment of yeast infection as well as antibiotics for urinary tract infections and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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