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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Housemates And Africans Were Stunned By Dj BeeJordan Performance At #BBNaija Season 4 OPPO Surprise Party

Housemates in the ongoing BBNaija season four staged an epic fashion show as part of their runaway task on the 8th of August, 2019. In line with the theme, the “Pepper dem” gang ended the event with a talk-of-the-town party that kept the whole of Africa on their feet.
Over 6 weeks Africa Big brother lovers Saturdays is not complete without the Saturday party live and direct from the biggies house. Like so many twists that have occurred during this year Big brother Naija show, a party was staged on the 8th of August, 2019 as part of the task by OPPO Mobile one of the sponsors of the program.
Music is the food of the soul, and for one to be able to take a full dosage of the nutrients the heart needs. A DJ is a Nutritionist that helps to prepare the right nutrients (Music) needed to spice up the party. And the DJ that kept the whole of Africa and not the housemates on their toe for over an hour dancing to the music that he churned out is DJ BeeJordan.
If you missed the party and want to know how it all went down on the 8thof August 2019 kindly check the replies given by Nigerians to the party from the tweet below.
Dj BeeJordan changed the atmosphere, a lot of people have been complaining about the low energy of the housemates at the previous parties, but DJ BeeJordanenergized the whole housemates, the gbedu was so good that the most boring housemates caught fire.
Dj BeeJordan stepped up his game and surprised the housemates by playing traditional music from the major ethnic group in Nigeria. Mercy, Enkay and Cindy could be seen vibing to the Ibo songs blasting from the wheels of Dj BeeJordan, while Seyi, Sirdee and other Yoruba housemates vibed to their traditional music which is the Wasiu consolidation which made them lose control and threw their home training to the wind on this faithful Thursday night.

Mike popularly referred to by his fans as Mikings added spice to the party with his hilarious moves that can rival a lot of cartoon characters’ dance move. Tacha, the characteristics girl, gave his signature social media ass moves to pepper viewers. Noticeably silent despite the “gbedu” coming out from DJ BeeJordan on his wheel is Mercy, as the dressed worn at the OPPO runaway fashion show disturbed her from showcasing her dance moves.
Drawing conclusions from the reaction of various viewers on social media, it’s safe to say that DJ BeeJordan did an excellent job on the well and made everyone stayed glued to their screen throughout the party. The housemates got disappointed when the party ended.
Dj BeeJordan is popularly known for his Disc Jockey skills; Dj BeeJordan performs at notable corporate and private events such as weddings, parties, ceremonies in Nigeria and across the globe.  Stay glued to @djbeejordan on all social media platforms.

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