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Thursday, 10 October 2019

FABS 10 Questions With Kuddy Chris!!!!!

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Uzor christian Joseph ,I am a hip hop and trap recording artist, i hail from Enugu State , i studied and grew up in Niger State.I am an O.A.P and I'm a co founder to Abuja's Number 1 PR Team @KuddyGram

So tell me , why music?

Music is the only way to reach out to people faster... I love music and i think I'm addicted (laughs) to it.

When did you start music?
I started recording since 2011

Why did you venture into it?
Since i was a kid, i was exposed to music at an early age, my mom exposed me to music, she sings in the church choir and i fell for music and felt its the only tool to express your mind and send messages to a large audience.

How will you describe your growth over the years in the industry?

I have grown fast and learnt alot... While in school mixing school and music was hard. I am a  HND holder , i studied Mass Communication from the Federal polytechnic, Bida Niger State.
And I'm so happy for my growth despite the highs and the lows.

What has been your major  challenge in the industry?

It is almost the same thing all fast rising artists face, which is funds once that is sorted out  we are good to push hard to become  mainstream artists.

So what keeps you going in the industry?

Motivation from my fans and people around.
All thanks to them for believing in me.

What should we expect from you soon?

I am working on a Mini Mixtape Album with two Hip hop heads and the project is coming out real soon, I also have some singles i am currently working on,I featured a Zimbabwe ace rapper on my latest single titled "WAY UP" produced by Supreme sounds.

Describe yourself in one word?


If your life was a hashtag what would it be?

Thank you

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