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Monday, 14 October 2019

FABs 15 Questions With LANE!!!!

Today we will be gisting with LANE , a young songwriter, producer and recording artist , Read on the find out some amazing stuffs about him;
Hey...Please introduce yourself?

My name is Elias Anointing, I  am a student of Federal University Of Technology (FUT)  Minna, currently studying under the department of physics. I am a Newschool Hiphop artist and i like to be called "lane".

How did you get your nickname " lane"?
 Lane is gotten from meeklane which means ..... "be humble On your path"

When did you start music?

I started music in 2016

What propelled your love for music?

Music relieves me from pain and I see music as platform for self expression.

You come from a music loving family , do you think that affected you musically?
Yes it does.

Who would you say has inspired you greatly?
My Mom has.

What was your first project?
My first project was "make it"... It was a collaboration.

Describe your first stage performance ?

My first stage performance was frightening at first,I was scared i might fall down.
It was in a church talent programme where i had the opportunity to entertain. I also had fun....it was awesome,being able to put a smile on some people's face.

How will you compare your performance then and now?

I will say it has more content....and its a better version now than it was before...

What is your greatest challenge in the industry?

My greatest challenge is having to decide what kind of music i really want to do.

Should we expect any collaboration from you and your brother ,Daywon?

Yes sure

What keeps you going?

Constant listening to good music .

Who is your music icon?

Tory Lanez

What is your ideal every day routine?

Wake up,pray, I do my chores , I think of a new beat and if the system's available,I make a new beat,when the system's not available I write lyrics, i cook, Take a stroll to the studio. When i get back , I read  a book and sleep.

What should we expect from you?
Uniqueness ; Expect different vibes from time to time.

If your life was a hash tag what would it be?


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