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Thursday 17 October 2019

LIFE IS SIMPLE - @shedyelisha

On his Facebook page, Shedy Elisha wrote…,

Can we all think about these things;
Whom do we really want to impress showing expensive houses, cars and extravagant wedding?
Do you still remember the food items in the last wedding reception which you had attended couple of days, weeks or months ago? Or even the kind of dress the bride wore? Why are we trying to kill ourselves and our peace because we just wanna impress man who do not even notice anything about his fellow man?
Why do we work like animals in this life?
For the comfort of how many generations do we want to save? Generations that “might” not be grateful for you.
Do you spend some time with yourself, family or friends in the week with the little you have.

Do you spend 5% of your earning on yourself? You don’t have to be hard on yourself. Recently, I personally do not allow stuffs bother me any longer.
Why don’t we find happiness in life along with what we earn no matter how little it might be?
One other thing that kills us is lack of contentment and wanting to be like others.
How about you just enjoy yourself with the little you have. Who cares if your shoes worth a 100 thousand naira or just 3000 thousand naira.

Conclusively, Spend some time for yourself. We don’t own any property,its only in some documents that our name is written temporarily.
When we say “ this is my property ”, God passes a crooked smile. Remember “nobody will leave this life alive.”
Don’t create an impression on a person seeing his car or dress. Enjoy yourself with what you have and find happiness with what you can afford. Life na “jeje”. Our great mathematicians and scientists used bicycle or scooter for commuting.
Control life or else life will control you.
The things which really matter in this life includes good relationship, contentment, satisfaction, happiness, peace and God who is the ultimate Being.
Sadly, these things cannot be bought. Life is simple.
– By Shedy Elisha

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