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Tuesday 26 November 2019

Sponsored:Aspirant For Miss Gbagyi Nigeria 2019 Get your Ticket For the Pageantry Event 13th December, 2019.

Born Paul Afagami Grace. Hails from Kabusa, under Amac FCT, Abuja. Who is studying sociology at Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa state.
A socialist who also is an entrepreneurship.
I believe in Honesty, Meeting, making new friends being Humble she says.
I Dislikes: Pride, Cheating, lies embarrassment. She exclament.
Her Hobbies are: Singing, Reading socializing.
Her Favorite Meal: Tuwo Rice , egusi soup Zhepo .
Ambition: To be a role model to my people. Her passion for the gbagyi culture cannot be over emphasized since she is a proud gbagyi Lady that also believe in her people her intention is to touch the lives of the gbagyi youths other dominant respectively. A lady in her early twenty’s believe she can change, the life of her people through Miss Gbagyi Nigeria Beauty Pageant Contest 2019.
As a vibrant young lady who has develop this great passion for my culture, I will make sure I promote my culture in different dimentions checking the limitations surrounding our young Gbagyi ladies face in daily basses.
That’s where inferiority complex come in.
Teenage pregnancy that has limit alot of the Gbagyi girls from participating equally in a community the society at a whole which has also make them feel subjected stigmatized seen cheated as if there is nothing here on earth that is left for them again after giving birth to a child out of wedlock.
The truth is we become more stronger after our mistakes but any mistake that is repeated more than two times becomes a deliberate act. The question is do we continue to make some mistakes or we should learn from our mistakes?
I believe in unity, because we could become great individual if their is unity peace among us, Just as the common say, “Together we st divide fall”. With one we can do so little but with two we can do so much better @ Hellen Keller
I will be grateful to God, if i have the opportunity to be a servant to my people to her kingdom at large. I assured all of you that i will not take any opportunity for granted, I will work with the organizers in my best ability to promote our great culture through collective personal ideas, in addressing issues like inferiority in ladies,(girl’s child), knowing our rights from the wrongs exploring them, lack of socialization, quest for money not wanting to follow the real processes, fertility rate, the great aspects of culture because it serves our identity which means we come from a particular place more to achieve in Gbagyi race their pursuits.
I dream to see at least a Gbagyi person either man or a woman is recognized as a capitalist either also in the country or in the entire world. Because I am a capitalist I dream to become in reality.
I need your support prayers because I cannot achieve this on my own, please be at the gr finale to support me. Thanks.

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