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Monday, 13 January 2020


"Daddy , Mummy!, Bunmi , Seyi !! Who is home ?"Moyo screamed holding on to her phone ,Her mother responds from the  kitchen in a frightened but mild tone ,"Moyo, what is it?; why are you screaming like someone who is being chased after", "Mummy! I made it , I got admitted into Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida university , I am now an under graduate", she replied , walking in a rather funny way, depicting her pride at being admitted into the university, Mama Moyo as her mother was popularly called , ran towards Moyo hugged her,collected her phone and glanced through the admission status on the school's site, "Finally , after writing JAMB applying and reapplying , you finally got in you made it! My baby, Thank God I have chicken in the freezer, I was thinking of what to prepare for lunch but with this good news , its definitely going to be your favourite, rice, dodo and chicken stew , I can't wait to break the news to your dad, Ehehn so my daughter is going to be a microbiologist soon" , "I have a father that will never ever fail me, Jesus is my father he will never ever fail me" ,she sang and danced into the kitchen, Moyo follows to assist her mother in making her favorite food, The only chore she would never complain about helping out with.
Later that day after Baba Moyo ,Bunmi and Seyi had arrived from the days outing, Moyo assisted her mother in setting the table and then in dishing the food, while they were eating Mama Moyo broke the good news about Moyo's admission, Baba Moyo could not contend  his Joy ,"Finally!!!" He exclaimed ,"What course was she given?" , He asked ,"Her mother replied "Microbiology ooo", The family continued eating , it was a happy meal for the Adewales' ,Moyo's admission has been a  prayer request as she had attempted JAMB severally and failed, her parents feared for her as her twin siblings Bunmi and Seyi were already in SS3 , They feared that her siblings will meet up with her, She was older than them with 4years, They were afraid that it will be a little shameful for her if they got into the university before her , The twins couldn't hide their Joy , In a rather sacarstic tone , Bunmi yelled " Thank God o no more sendy sendy" , Seyi replied "Yes o! Someone will rest finally!" , Bunmi rolled her eyes at them as she was restricted from giving them a dirty slap because of the presence of their parents at the table .