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Monday 20 January 2020


It was time to resume school Mama Moyo owned a mini super market in Ilorin , super excited about her first child going to  the university  , she went to her store and packed and packed a lot of groceries , everything her daughter would need and more,Baba Moyo was a Bank Manager in one of the top leading microfinance bank in  Ilorin , they were not rich but they were very comfortable, being Moyos first time out of kwara State, he bargained with a driver to take her directly to school, a day before the driver arrived her mother sat her down and spoke to her, "Moyo as you are going to school do not forget the child of whom you are, pray hard , go to church oo, study hard , be careful about friends that would lead you astray, please keep your things well, you know you are staying in the hostel , always lock your bag and wardrobe with a padlock when going for lectures oo , Don't call me and say any thing was stolen ,shugbon!! , Moyo knelt down and thanked her mother for the advice.
The next morning by 6am the driver arrived , her dad paid him off and gave her some money for snacks on the road, he promised to do a transfer to her account before she got to school,Moyo started her journey to a new life , The road was really bad, but eventually Moyo got to school by evening, The driver dropped her in front of the hostel and turned back, she called her parents and informed them about her safe but extremely tiring journey, She sighed deeply and continued walking into the hostel she found her room, she saw some girls there interacting,she introduced herself,The girls welcomed her and a nice girl named Aisha offered to show Moyo her wardrobe space and bad space, she also accompanied Moyo out of the hostel to get her remaining bags, Thank you so much my name is Moyosoreoluwa but you can call me Moyo as pronouncing the name in full may give you such a hard time, what is your name ?she asked  smiling, "My name is Aisha no long or short form, just Aisha, she said in a funny tone , Moyo laughed hard and was happy she had made her first friend , They went back to the room and continued talking this time with the other girls until they all dozed off one by one .
The next day they woke up , had their breakfast and started walking towards their various departments to commence the first stage of their registration ,the day before while interacting they realised that they were in different departments, Aisha was in geography department while Moyo was in Microbiology,After registering in their departments they proceeded to the administrative block , By 2pm that day they had finished the initial  registration and were ready to start lectures, Moyo left Aisha and proceeded to her department to get he time table for lectures ,She copied it out and proceeded back to meet up with Aisha, They walked back to the hostel and were famished ,They started hunting for where to eat,Aisha told Moyo about the popular Yam and Masa joints at the back of the hostel, "What is Masa?" Moyo asked , Aisha surprised that someone in the world did not know want Masa was, she replied , How can you not know what Masa is ,"well it's a Hausa delicacy made out of rice ,you would love it just try it".Moyo and Aisha proceeded to the Masa joint, Moyo enjoyed it  as she kept humming as she ate.
The Next morning "Moyo! Moyo! , I am leaving .............