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Wednesday 29 January 2020

STORY : LOVE PALAVA Episode 3!!!!!!!!

"I am leaving , I am going" , Aisha screamed excited and running towards Moyo , "Where are you going to?" Moyo asked. My mothers friend in Canada had been processing a scholarship for me , I only resumed here so I would not put all my eggs in one basket , I just got a call from my mother that I earned the scholarship and I should make plans to come home as soon as possible."Aisha replied ..
 Moyo in a rather low tone and teary eyes said "So you are leaving me, how would I cope , who would I talk to , you are my only friend", They hugged and cried." Don't worry we would do whatsApp video calls frequently" Aisha said .
The first night without Aisha was a really boring and lonely one, as she was not close to the other girls in the hostel. she took a stroll into the class area, she put on her earpiece enjoying one of her favorite songs by Travis Greene , waymaker, when she got to the class area she paused the music and sat down to read the first hangout she was given by her lecturer, she was reading; "Excuse me '' a voice said, Moyo raised her head a bit startled because no one really knew her," sorry for bothering you, Please would you happen to have an extra pen, I have an assignment due tomorrow and my stupid pen just chose today and this moment as the best time to stop writing " he continued, Moyo was overwhelmed at how good looking the guy standing in front of her was, He was well built, fashionably dressed, had a pink lip, blue coloured eyes and a pointed nose, Moyo was lost in her thought she couldn't help but imagine herself walking side by side down the aisle with this charming guy,She quickly realised she had kept shut for a while, she opened her bag picked out a pen and gave the young man without saying a word, "Thank you , I am Tunde, what's your name? ......