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Wednesday 25 March 2020


I believe you must have heard the story of the rich man who said he wanted a husband for his daughter and he gave a task of people swimming cross a pond filled with crocodiles and then a man did after being pushed in and he got to marry the lady and bla bla bla. Yeah, life is exactly like that. But now listen to my own encounter. There was this girl I admired early years of school but for some reasons, I didn't perk up the nerve to ask her out then. I thought I wouldn't be her type and all sort of those thoughts you know! Well, recently I decided to ask her out after getting quite close and she said something rather heart breaking. She said "why now, after all these years?" That was when I discovered she liked me then, but since was too afraid to say anything, nothing happened and she is presently in an enjoyed relationship. It could have been me you know! That's the effect of not facing your fears.
I wrote a quote recently which said "fear has a way of limiting your progress." The idea is fear is like a giant_ like the ones in "Spider Man: Far from Home". It looks so real and big and then it makes you look so small, but in the reality, you know what? It is never there. It never exists. It's just an illusion, a hologram your mind created. So as big as it is, it is all in your imagination which is a clear fact that you control it and not it controlling you. But it has so much power (still your power) to limit you in every way. It will keep doing that until you are able to continously control it. No one is above experiencing fear, but you learn to face and then control it.
These days, I'll say sick people die faster from fear than the effect of the illness on them. COVID 19 is a trend now and people are imaginarily having the virus. I'll deduce that most of the people who died in Italy died out of fear because I'll wonder how more people are dying in Italy than in China where the disease came from. Well, it's just my opinion. All I'm saying here is your fear kills you faster than sickness or any other source of death.
I came across a quote by Theodore Roosevelt which say "Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing". That is quite explanatory. Another by the famous Mark Twain says "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do..." Like I said, I regret not asking that lady out when I had the chance to. Fear has a way of making you lose life time opportunities which comes just once. You have to learn to overcome you fears.
Overcoming your fears starts with one cliché, but very true and potent and that is "believing in yourself". Self confidence is the second most potent force, weapon or technique in Overcoming fear. If you believe in yourself and your possibilities; no fear can limit you. The fear will not even attempt to stop you. Fear knows the power you have and so it tries to suppress it, but it is on your part to gather confidence in your possibilities and take over. My song "Confidence" says a lot about overcoming your fears by getting your confidence back. Try listening to it if you haven't.
Metaphysical beings use fear as their greatest weapon to suppress the physical. You see it in the sorcery and horror movies where they first inflict and afflict their prey with fear and then they strike. They make it look as if they control you but nah, you control you. You've been given that control button by God himself. All the enemy does is to whisper impossibilities to your ear, but it's left for you to listen and succumb or ignore. This leads to my next point; IGNORE
Ignore is another very potent force. Since you've known that fear isn't real but a figment of your imagination, all you need to do is to ignore when it comes. Metaphysical powers will always whisper it into your ears and make you create a picture of it, but when you ignore, it dies off.
Further more, you overcome your fears through another potent force which is joy. Joy is an eliminator of fear. When you are always joyful, panic is restricted and so fear has no breathing space; it dies off. Always be joyful even with the scary situations around you.
Finally, the most important way of facing your fears is to face it, as in literally face it. As it comes to you, you give it back. The famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh said "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." You overcome strong men with strong weapon and not gitting or shying away.
In conclusion, it is important to note that prayer is one potent force that helps you fight your fear by giving you boldness to face it. All you need to face your fear is inside of you. If you want to conquer fear, look it in the face and say "you are nothing but just and illusion ".

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