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Thursday 26 March 2020

Overcoming Your Fears By Glorie Dauda #Covid-19

I have had my share of fear in my life While growing up. As I proceed, I'll be sharing my personal experiences with you.
For me,  getting pregnant before marriage and also failing in school was the highest point of failure. I remember My Dad unconsciously always puts in these fears. He made sure I didn't give in to failure in my academics and I didn't become victim of premarital sex. I  grew up with the thought that 'Its better I  kill myself, than to bring an unwanted pregnancy home and also fail in school. These two fears stood face to face with me. It was terrible for me then, so any boy that asked me out probably can relate, that's if any of my toasters then sees this article... Well, You know the rest of the story πŸ˜‚
I am glad I scaled through those fears although I failed in WAEC,NECO AND JAMB . I wrote those examinations five(5) times. I stayed at home for 3 good years before gaining admission to the university. Hey,  listen! I had a carry over in my first year at the university. I was diverstated but I struggled,  prayed and worked harder not to have a carry over again and to God's glory graduated with a 2.1 (my Dad say na strong 2.1 πŸ˜‚). All you've read are my life experiences.
As human that I am, I won't deny the fact that I have fears. I have fear for  marriage, yes maybe you can call it phobia-marriage πŸ˜‚ ( not in the dictionary o) I have fears of not fulfilling my purpose, I have fears for death.  I have fears of a whole lot of things so like you I have fears too. All of these things proves that we are all humans. For me, I often  turn my fears into faith. We should not allow ourselves to be overtaken by fear. Fear doesn't allow one fulfills destiny not does it allow free expression. If you are to dwell in your fears, you will never do anything nor  succeed in life. Fear is a trap not to accomplish your desires. Sometimes, fear about certain things in life  just pops up into my head but I am never overwhelmed by all of that also for the fact that I know those fears are not from God because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of Love and of a sound mind.  Often times I pray against it saying "... I  serve a God who is not taken by surprise so I speak to you devil what ever my Lord has not planted is here by uprooted" Fear is natural so long as we exist as humans but  do not  live in it.
REPLACE THAT FEAR WITH FAITH. How can you activate faith? It's important to know that faith is the fuel we need to get things done but you must get the right knowledge to get you set. So, getting the right knowledge about what you want to do is essential and also staying glue to  the word of God is key too.
You will never achieve anything in life if you ever keep yourself in fear. Stand up, face your fears, get yourself prepared for every task with the right knowledge and skills, trust me you will be surprised how far you would have gone and achievement you would have had.
Do not be afraid to take a step, stand up and do it now!
I am Glorie Dauda

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