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Thursday 26 March 2020

OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS By Godiya Dangana. #Covid-19

Thank you Faithy for the challenge.

I had 3 carry overs in 200L first semester, two followed me on to 300L. When we wrote our final year exams, I was waiting for my result with so much fears. The night I heard they had pasted our results, I didn’t sleep till the next day. I woke up, prepared for school, my heart was pouncing , I was so scared. When I got to the place, boom! Two carry overs were staring at me. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t say a word. Some of my mates were jubilating, while some were crying. I took my shaky legs home trying to figure out how I was going to break the news out to my brother’s ears. I was scared for how I was going to attend lectures with my juniors, I was scared for how my mates would look at me, i had so much fears and anxiety. That season of my life I can’t explain how I overcame. I stayed back one extra year and wrote those carryovers.

If you think that I didn’t feel like dropping out, well, I did😊 but I didn’t give it a second thought because I started to believe that God had a purpose in it and life has thought me that whatever has a beginning, has an end so that season of my life will pass no matter how long it lasts. I started to put more effort in developing my fashion skills, and reading books. I knew that God was with me and He will not put me to shame.

I have met few of my course mates after school who think that I’m doing very well, one said “hmmm Godiya, is this you? You’re doing well ooh! Las las no be by 2:1” and I smiled

(I’m not saying one shouldn’t go to school but don’t build your whole life around it, learn a skill also)

Life hasn’t been so smooth after that time but I have come to know that our darkest moments only teaches us PATIENCE and TRUST IN GOD so we should learn to focus on the lessons not the fears.

If you’re going through a fearful moment of your life right now, infact Covid-19 pandemic is enough cause so much fears and anxiety but trust me, this too shall pass, it will not last forever. Let’s focus on Jesus who is the answer to it all, praying and trusting Him to deliver us.

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