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Monday 13 April 2020

Clarifications On The Misinformation Regarding The Index Case Of #Covid-19 in Niger State.

On Friday  ,10th April 2020 , the Nigeria Center For Disease Control  , NCDC confirmed  Niger State's first case of Covid 19 which is the Niger State index case , since then alot of fake news and misinformation  have been spread  causing needless panic among the citizen of the State.
As the state and the world struggle it is more important  than ever to ensure that the information we share  is confirmed  from the official  source and fact based.
It is important  to set the record straight  and debunk falsehood.
Here are the  facts ;
1. The index case in Niger  State  is a returnee from Lagos State  who arrived  in Minna on Saturday  , 28th March 2020, The patient  arrived in Minna via public  transportation  , a bus with a stopover  at Bida.

2. He was Admitted  on Wednesday  ,1st April  2020 with symptoms  of cough and running nose, two days prior  to presentation. 
3. It was discovered  that he was treated  for pulmonary  tuberculosis  (PTB) in 2003 at General  Hospital  Minna.  Furthermore, he also exhibited some disorientation and impaired mental  wellbeing  at presentation. 
4. However, in view of the current  Covid 19 pandemic and his travel history he was isolated as a possible case of  Coronavirus.
5.Nasopharyngeal swan for covid-19 was taken on Monday, 6th April  2020.
6. On admission,  he was on an antibiotic  and well  fed.
7. The patient  and some of his brothers threatened  the  medical  team and attempted  to escape, they were prevented and he was taken back to the hospital. 
8. His sample  tested positive as reported  by the NCDC.

9. Authorities  have been informed  of the threat  and measures  have been taken against such further  occurrences. 
10. Currently  , there is a 24 hours security  surveillance by the hospital  security  team. 
11. The patient is in a stable condition and on treatment  with antibiotics  and multivitamins. 

Muawiyyah Yusuf Muye
Senior Special assistant on
Media to the Governor  

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