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Friday 29 May 2020

The story of a Visually Impaired Young Man -Usman Moshood.

I remember  doing my A levels with Kolo and every time I go to the class area and see him reading or everytime he answers  a question  correctly , lol, because  he always  does,I ask myself "Faith, what's your excuse?", Kolo proved to me beyond every reasonable doubt that it is not the eyes that achieves  success but the mind, I am glad Usman Moshood was able to take out time to write his biography, read  below;

Bsc. Political Science.
Msc. Public Policy Analysis

Kolo was born at Echiwada, on 6th February 1985 into the family of Mal. Mohammed Echiwada. He hailed from Echiwada village, Patigi local government of Kwara state. Kolo was born visually handicapped but his ocular deficiency has never been a hindrance to restrict him from education, acquiring or imparting knowledge and skills, either formally or informally.

As a child, he attended his primary school at Echiwada village for three years and then proceeded to the FCT School for the blind children in Abuja in the year 2000. After that, he moved ahead to Government Day Secondary School, Kwali in October 2006.

He attended Echiwada LGEA Primary School 1997-2000 and proceeded to School for the Blind Children Zuba, Abuja from 2000-2006. Later, he went to Government Day Secondary School, Kwali from 2006-2012.

After his success in SSCE, with his voracious appetite for knowledge, he proceeded to IBBU School of preliminary and general studies (IJMB Art) NewBussa, Niger state, where he passed the three courses of the program.
Government A
Sociology B
Economics B
He earned 14points as an IJMB student which qualified him to be admitted into 200 level in any university and his course of choice in Nigeria. As he rocked the foundation of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, he then applied for Political Science at IBBU Lapai in the year 2014. The University offered him to study his course of choice, which is Political Science.

In the spring of 2015, Kolo had many friends in the university from different departments and faculties of IBB University; as he turned to be a public figure that almost everyone both male and female students would love to be his friend, because his life is always full of surprises.

Interestingly, he endured to organize tutorials for the Political Science students ranging from 100 level to 200 level. Kolo studies with astonishing zeal to attain his success in the great citadel of learning of the future World Class University (IBBU, Lapai).

Presentation of papers concerning contemporary issues at departmental seminars and functions with a sweet voice is always part of a distinguish quality possessed by him. During the first year of his study, Kolo was awarded the most Auspicious Student of the year by the Students Union Government (SUG).

Lectures and Examinations and other personal issues have never been a big deal for Kolo, whenever he has lectures, he usually comes some hours before lecture in order to get front seat and set his tape to record lecture and at the same time take his slate out to make some jottings. His writing is always in a dotted form called Braille, but I guess that is what only him can understand and his special fellow colleagues.

During examinations, questions are read to him by the invigilators and his given extra time due to his situation but notwithstanding; he tries to keep up with the timing just like other students. He is always confident and look forward to learning something new, which makes him feel that with his brain he can do everything.

Kolo is very hardworking, friendly and confident, so also a law abiding student says his former HOD of late memory Late. Dr. Victor Egwemi. He goes for every platform with the hope and zeal of learning new experience with the aim of domesticating it to young indigents (students).

Many have had time to examine their interactions with him with a satisfactory response, He used to say: Everything is not about the eye, it is the brain, I move around to everywhere with the help of my friends and at times I do it myself with the aid of my walking stick called a collapsible white cane, but I am so lucky, because with friends and families around me, I experience little challenge.

The only challenge I face is discrimination because the society does not want to be associated with physically challenged people; which really affects me a lot and Insha Allah by the end of my academic pursuit, I would love to become a political analyst or a lecturer after obtaining higher degrees, and after then, we are never blind, just the eye that is affected"

Kolo is always current whenever it comes to hearing news and things concerning contemporary issues within and outside Nigeria either through his radio or his web service phone. To many people, Kolo has turned out to be the best friend a man could ever have. He overcame his personal anguish to become an influential guy in IBB University.

Amazingly, Kolo graduated with a golden CGPA of 4.00, (Second Class Upper Division). I believe in his ideas as an affluent and intellectually wide academic meteor, for I believe he can save this country from multiple quandaries encountered by our universities today. Yet again, Nigerian universities need rescue of intellectual individuals as we approach a dangerous and possibly destructive bend from its quiet servants, from the hardworking and suave development guru like him. It is no exaggeration that the history of this young man is indeed worth awarding and celebrating.

Kolo advises the physically challenged like him not to be discouraged, lose hope, seek to be object of sympathy, street beggar or feel bad due to their disability, instead they should make use of their abilities to achieve a good fortune, good position, good name and contribute to the existing knowledge, he further call on the society not to discriminate against the physically challenged people rather to encourage and motivate them.

Usman Mashood has written on the history of Kolo Mohammed Saba (KMS) as well his academic voyage to become a political analyst or a lecturer. Do not measure life by what society dictate of you, where you come from doesn't determine where you get to. Meanwhile, the world itself is a mirage; if you have a little space, just put a footprint, tomorrow may be

This is a history of an intellectual of great worth, Kolo Mohammed Saba (KMS), who never stopped studying for 20 years deserves a meriting support.

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