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Thursday 30 July 2020

Longrich As One Of The Fastest Rising Investment Opportunity!! #BBNaija


What makes Longrich different from most other network marketing companies?

It’s very difficult some times to feel that you have or belong to the best place because everyone things superior and sees his/her own as the best. However, you can know the best by comparing two or more things. Over the years, in fact, for decades now network marketing has been running and is still functioning with great power. We can say many had their way out through it and many are still having their way through it, but a handful of the people have had real bad experience when it comes to the network marketing industry. Some of the reasons we feel people are failing, though engage with a great zeal, is the system of  how some of these companies are structured. Their plans makes it difficult for people to stay in it for long, most of the companies. For example; some require regular monthly purchase, huge capital before you can attain certain levels, point flushing after a period of time for your inactivity, you can’t bypass your upline etc. What about someone who do not have the money to do those things? what about someone who just manage to register and is starting and have not yet started getting people to partner with? Obviously, they are bound to fail by quitting. 

Notwithstanding, Longrich is not in competition with other companies. All we are doing is to adjust certain issues people face daily in MLM. The company believes everyone should be able to start something and last long doing it. In this light, they have been able to create a well structured plan which favors even the poorest person, because one thing for sure they are passionate about aside them generating their own income, is to see that even the less opportune family can have a start up business and be able to expand in it with their hard work and determination. Below are some the reasons why Longrich is different from most other home businesses:

1) No autoship
2) No flushing of points
3) Leadership is easily achieved
4) 2 legs can give you financial freedom
5) Longrich products are mostly daily consumables so everyone needs it.
6) There is no registration amount, it’s just you getting what you want.
7) The beautiful part is that it’s about team building. No compulsory sales involved. In fact once an active team is built, be sure of weekly alerts.
8) Longrich gives you university scholarship which is transferable also cares for your personal development sends you on EMBA @Regis University USA
9) Overtaking is very much allowed. 
10) You can become a director in this great company.
11) We have amazing team support and entrepreneurial team
12) Longrich develops you as a person.
13) So many other incentives


This other aspect is base on who Longrich is. Now taking a close look at the company, Longrich is a manufacturing company and manufactures for many other bigger brands, which are equally into the network marketing milieu. At a certain point in time i can say Longrich is not even a network marketing company but a manufacturer for network marketing companies which of course makes them quite unique from other companies. But the fact remain in that we are doing the network marketing business.  A company that manufactures for others is not a small company, so this gives us the distributors or partners the security that where we have put our money and doing business will stand the test of time. Every body is concern with the security of their income and business relationship where they find themselves. I will love us to remind ourselves again of the company’s profile, so you can spot out exactly what we saying:

Who is Longrich?

PictureThe JIANGSU LONGLIQI Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Longliqi bio-industrial park, 
     The “Longliqi” health care products and cosmetic products brand has been recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as well-known trademarks in China; Longliqi series Cream skin care products won the “China Famous Brand”. 

Established in 1986, Jiangsu Longliqi Group Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing and marketing of personal care products, is a top daily chemical enterprise in China. If you need a registration  guide and personal trainer,  whatsapp/call :07037380266

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