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Friday 31 July 2020

Yungkheengz Dragged Over Refusal To Do A Feature For #10,000.

Yungkheengz is one of the fastest rising arewa artist  in Nigeria, After a couple of hit tracks that have exposed  the North to the rest of Nigeria as more than just a minimal ethnic group , tracks like "I am North" among his other projects  are loved by northerners as it relates to their everyday faced stereotypes,He is a renowed voice in the arewa music industry as he has made appearances  in M.i s music video as well as been featured in a nollywood hit series Crazy lovely cool, Falzthebadguy also recently agreed  to do a track with him, Kheengz grew up in Minna Niger state. A Minna based artist through a blogger collegue  mxloaded has dragged kheengz for refusing  to do a verse with him for  10,000 naira, this is where I take a deep breath before  I continue writing and post the conversation  

After  kheengz refusal  to do the track with the artist as he felt it was disrespectful ,  he has since been dragged , described  as proud , not talented among other  talks have been said, which I honestly  think could have been avoided. 

Now My opinion is that I believe in peace and the first thing to do away with is the entitlement  mentality,  no body owes you anything,  just because  you watched someones growth does not mean there was no growing..
Now kheengz feels he has worked so hard, to grow this far to be undermined. 
If you can not afford a feature with him, why not try else where, there is really no need  dragging him, everything  has a price tag and that's his.You either  negotiate  or pass , Life is that easy. Yes it is! 
Let's not  put others down to rise that never really works, The sky is big enough for every bird to fly  a different  direction and still be on top.

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