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Saturday 2 January 2021

Lessons 2020 Taught Me..Welcome to #2021 #Happynewyear


Hey guys we made it ..

Its 2021, what 2021!!!, we entered it with our full chest..  2020 was  a gbas gbos year , for everyone of us , It came so unexpectedly  after we all had anticipated an amazing year.. it  turned out to be a wonderful year , it was so full of wonders... If you know what I mean, but again we are grateful for the process , Just like gold after being refined, we are out, stronger , better and even more beautiful.. 

Congratulations  to all of my readers  for making it through such an adventurous  year..

I sat down today  and reflected on what  2020 was  and I have decided to share some lessons I have learnt in 2020..

Read and do not forget to share your lessons as Well in the comment session..

1. Plans change and it's ok...🤔🤔

Alot of times  we get so tensed up when things are not going our way, when our day is not going our way or even our year, In 2020 I learnt the hard way lol that sometimes things may not go as planned but it's ok  .. it's very ok.. I mean especially when you cannot do anything about it, just take a deep breath, be calm and take everyday as it comes.

2.  Adapting to Changes..

In March when the lockdown was announced, I was so scared,but by August, I had adjusted so well to changes, I learnt to wash my hands more, use my mask more. I learnt to adapt.

3. The importance of My Mental Health..

Gbam.. we were locked down and a bit more idle , no hangouts, to chill outs, More than often , there was enough time to over think , alot of suicides here and there, depression , breakdowns etc.. 

I learnt that our mental health is as important  as our physical and you know a little check and balance  here and there to ensure that we are mentally stable would not hurt..

4. Nothing is as important as staying alive..

At some point in 2020 what was paramount  to everyone was staying alive , not getting infected with the virus, At that point a lot of people including  me lost interest  in every other thing , All we really wanted to do is stay safe..

5. Money is not everything...

2020 thoughts me that money is not everything, A lot of people had money but at some point their money was not instrumental  as there were no even vaccines or specific medicines to purchase to cure the virus..

At that point Family , God and relationships  were  worth more than money ..

6. Praying gives peace.. 

I remember in 2020 when I got so exhausted with everything that was happening , I would find  myself praying and immediately  i will feel a sweet calmness , Talking to God actually made me feel great..

7. You are stronger  than  you think..

Common!!! anyone that made it past 2020  is a super hero, super strong..The past year taught me that I had the capacity to withstand a whole lot than I thought i could..

8. It is Important to have multiple  sources of income....

In 2020, alot of services were  no longer needed due to adherence to Covid 19 guidelines, alot of people were jobless for the period, I learnt that business  owners should always have a plan B so they are not caught off guard..

9. Give others a break..

In 2020 , everyone was fighting  to stay safe, I was not expecting a call, a chat from anyone .. I knew everyone needed a break to adjust..

10. Dont give up  ...

If you and I had given up you wont be reading this, 2020 thought me to put up a fight....

That's it guys, we are here let's move forward from all we have been through and look into 2021 with so much peace and open mindedness , Thank you for reading ..

Happy New year!!!

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