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Friday 25 June 2021

Living With Vitiligo (An exclusive interview with Fidelis Imoesi) By Faith Adama

 Vitiligo (vit-ih-LIE-go) is a disease that causes loss of skin color in patches. The discolored areas usually get bigger with time. The condition can affect the skin on any part of the body. It can also affect hair and the inside of the mouth.

Normally, the color of hair and skin is determined by melanin. Vitiligo occurs when cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. Vitiligo affects people of all skin types, but it may be more noticeable in people with darker skin. The condition is not life-threatening or contagious.
The society today is very much in the dark about Vitiligo as it is either mistaken for a fire burn or a curse . Thankfully, we have today 25th of June as the day set aside to create awareness of Vitiligo.
To commemorate this day, I had a rare privilege of interviewing Fidelis Imoesi.

Fidelis Imoesi is an amazing On Air Personality, He volunteers at Ultimate Fm and also teaches in a private school, He is the eighth child of his family , 
The Jos born Edo State indigene schooled in Ibadan and Minna where he met the love of his life , They are married and blessed with a beautiful son.

What will you say has been your most fulfilling experience in life?

Graduating from the University.
 It was a dream come true for many reasons. 
 First and foremost, it fulfilled the wishes of my late mum, it was a promise she insisted I made to her
Unfortunately, she Left this world too early for my liking.
Secondly, it came as a shock to a few "friends" who thought I will never go beyond my NCE.

What gave birth to your passion in broadcasting?

I think it was more or less attached to the fact that I grew up listening to the radio. 
More so, I love talking 😂.
Besides that, it has always been something I could do without asking for a fee.
 I have been a radio volunteer for close to a decade.

If you were to choose one between teaching and being an On Air Personality, which would it be?

As much as it may sound as a dilemma,I will go for broadcasting without a second thought.

When did your Journey with Vitiligo start?
I started noticing it when I was in secondary school...SSS 2 I think.

Have you ever been discriminated because of your condition?
There are times people stay away from me because I seemed "strange" to them.
The most embarrassing moment ever was when I was in the university. A guy purposely decided chatter the cab I was in because he did not want to sit next to me😝. I picked no offense with him because,I had already developed a thick skin over time.

On a lighter mood, How did you meet wify?

Hmmmmm. I met my wife in 2009. It was in COE Minna. We were just departmental mates ,nothing more. 
We later became close friends,
It was two years after graduation from COE Minnathat I actually expressed what I felt for her.
At first,she did not take me seriously .she thought I was a player.
We eventually got married in 2018 after she concluded her degree. But before 2015, we had a distant relationship as I was based in Ibadan..

Tell us about Vitiligo ?

With the little research I have done so far online and from a few responses and I have gathered from some dermatologists I have met with, there's no certainty to what causes it. It can happen to anyone.
More so, people who have a trace of it in their lineage may have it too(though,it is not hereditary nor contagious).
However,some possible triggers may be but not clinically proven: stress, drugs, long term sickness and misdiagnoses.
So far, there is no cure for it. It can only be managed.
A dermatologist told me to just enjoy my life and worry less.

Does Vitiligo prevent you from doing anything?
No o , it doesn't.

What has been your greatest challenge living with Vitiligo?
The major challenge is the stare 👀👀👀from people, It has deprived me of wearing short sleeve dresses😔 causes so much stare when I wear it. You can only see me on short sleeves at home, within the neighbourhood, or in the night. Another thing would be on some occasions where some old friends find it hard to recognize me because of the changes on my skin over some years.

Do you think people are misinformed by Vitiligo?
Yes, especially in this part of the world,a lot of people have no idea of the condition.
Some see it as a curse,others sometimes tell me that I must have offended the gods of our land🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Somepeople's idea of the "solution" can be very funny and embarrassing sometimes. And in most cases,they have no idea of what they think they have a solution for. They most times mistake it for a fire burn or other possible related skin disorders.
I have tried so many treatment and therapy just to feed their curious minds and make them stop disturbing me with further "treatment".

What is your advice to people living with Vitiligo?

They should embrace it as part of them and stop blaming themselves or people around them.
They should not live in self pity.

Thank you Mr Fidelis , it was an absolute pleasure having you on my blog .

You are welcome..

Worlds Vitiligo Day!!!!!

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