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Tuesday 20 July 2021

Love Language - Your Key to a Woman's Heart..

Love language describes what you understand love as.
According to Gary Chapman  there are five major love languages  people generally have;
1. Words of affirmation: 
This is constantly using words to remind your patner how you feel about them.. People who fall under this love language always want to be told how beautiful  they are, how loved they are , they just always want some affirmation..

2. Physical Touch : 
Be it holding hands while taking a walk , a big hug every now and again, 
People who have this as their  love language always want to be touched every now and again..

3. Acts of Service: 
People who speak this  language just love  being helped ,  be it assisting with chores or doing anything to make their lives easier they love it.

4. Quality Time:
 People who fall under this category value time spent with their patners , whether it is watching their favourite movies or playing their favourite games or just having conversations..

5. Giving of Gifts: 
These set of people just love being gifted, no matter how small they appreciate it..

I carried out a survey on alot of women and found out that they speak all the love languages, 

even though on a scale of preference they would rather have one instead of the other , 

it does not mean they would not want another ..

Speaking the same love language may become boring over time and there is a need to switch up..

The secret is knowing the right love language to speak at the right time.....

For instance just knowing when your patner needs act of service and rendering it  at that time could mean the world to her ..

Sadly, the love language is a conversation most men do not want to have in their relationships, they may be doing everything but not doing anything at the same time, they may be showering a lady with gifts who just wants quality time...

The Key to a woman's heart is simply knowing her love language and speaking it.. 


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