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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Hon Arc Gomna and the Education of His People By C.T Tanko

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
       -Malcolm X

The Indigenous people of Bosso LGA have lost out of their inheritance because our fore fathers failed to embrace this western tool, education. This is not to say, our ancestors, didn’t have education. They had; they had our own kind of education- traditional education. Maybe this was the reason why they didn’t see the need for either them or their children to embrace western education. We cannot deny that this has cost us in several ways. 

Hon Arc Gomna who has the penchant for education, has made it part of his legacy. His emergence as political leader of the people of Bosso LGA has seen him encourage and push the people, youths especially, to be educated. It has been top of his priorities. As a person, he has so many certifications in Nigeria, and he still is hunting for more. Hon Arc Gomna is an ardent believer in the importance of education. He shares the ideology of Malcolm X on education; it is the passport to a greater future.
Since his emergence as Bosso LGA Chairman, Hon Arc Gomna has supported countless number of Bosso LGA indigenes in Secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Many are in the University, Colleges of Education, Health Institutions, Polytechnics, etc as a result of his generosity and believe in growing by lifting others. And he has continued this feat or kind gesture, as the case might be. Hon Arc Gomna has helped lot of students gain admission into tertiary institutions, particularly Niger State. He has shown no signs of stopping, before the end of his reign, he must have sponsored over thousands of students in school, a feat that only a few can boast of in the whole of Niger State.  He is a leader that talks less and act more.

On the 22nd August, 2021 in a book launch in Abuja, Hon Arc Gomna proved to the audience that he is a leader for all. He journeyed all the way from Minna to honor a young author. In his remark as the Chairman of the occasion he said and I quote, “I believe so much in pursuing education because it is that tool that liberates a people and as a politician one of my priorities is to see that every Nigerian is given an opportunity to be educated. Equally important is the need for Gbagyi people and of course every Nigerian to embrace one another and live in unity for without unity there will be no growth in the country. I will continue to support and encourage every serious minded youth that comes my way regardless of his ethnicity and religious affiliations.” Hon Arc Gomna is not a divisive being, he believes in peaceful co-existence and his political ideology does not feed on tribalism. He is a true Nigerian and I believe whoever has seen him or been around him would testify.

About a month ago, Hon Arc Gomna organized a football competition in his Local Government. From testimonies it is gathered that it was a fun filled competition as youths all over the Local Government turned out for the competition. Winners were well rewarded. It shows that Hon Arc Gomna is a man of contemporary knowledge, a leader with fore sight, who is aware of the need for diversification and seeing the growth in sport industry, he wants the people to be part of it. Hon Arc Gomna doesn’t want to take any chances on education; this can only be the hall mark of a selfless leader.

These deeds of his, has set pace for younger politicians to follow and as it stands it is glaring that tomorrow is ours to take. I wouldn’t be surprised in years to come, if the people of Bosso produces a gubernatorial or presidential candidate someday. 

 Hon Arc Gomna Legacy ogles well for the future of the indigenous people of Bosso LGA and Niger State as a whole. Lastly, Hon Arc Gomna, is young and doing it; it is only right that he is given the needed support and push to do more.

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