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Tuesday 9 November 2021

Dear Society, Stop Success Shaming Women.


Omo e be things” , a phrase best used to describe a woman’s plight  , before you continue reading this article kindly play woman by Simi.

Woman woman nobody be like woman!!

I remember all the times I wished I could take a break from being a woman, Sometimes being a woman can be exhausting though, the society makes it harder from body shaming, slut shaming, gender shaming etc . 

This article will be focusing on success shaming, Success shaming is attributing a woman’s success to prostitution basically .

We hear stuffs like , “ To earn that position she definitely slept with the boss, She probably slept her way to the top”.

The society is constantly demeaning a woman’s effort, when clearly they can physically see her putting in work .

Why not say things like “she worked hard, she put in work, she deserved it, she earned it, she is so hardworking, she is capable, she is amazing , she is a wealth of knowledge and she is great at what she does.

Women should get the credit they deserve for the work they put in, Dear Society , Please stop sucess shaming my gender.

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