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Thursday 9 December 2021

Social Media is an Illusion !!

Hi guys, I really have been bothered about how much a lot of young people pressure themselves to live an illusion .

Alot of celebrities and influencers know this and have found a way of navigating through it, by renting outfits, renting hairs, renting cars, renting apartments, renting phones, the list is endless; 

The everyday typical striving Nigerian youth sees all of  these  and begin to mount pressure on themselves to own them, they begin to seek fast money routes and in most cases these ends in destruction.

Social media is not real life, people do not post their debts, sadness, fears, hurts , pains ; they only post what they want you to believe, so before considering not being contempt and grateful ,you may consider looking deeper and realizing that just maybe you are in a better place than those you look up to or whose lifestyle may be pushing you towards the wrong direction. 

The truth is most people are envious of Items and relationships that do not exist!!!

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