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Monday 27 December 2021

What Christmas Really Means.

Hi guys , 

so I was just brainstorming and thinking of Christmas, The real definition of Christmas would be the birth of Jesus Christ, 

Christmas is broad with different definitions, So I have decided to define Christmas by what it means to me as a person,

  As a child Christmas meant fun! 

I remember always looking forward to Christmas trips , I was born and spent majority of my childhood in Lagos, Christmas was the only time I got to see most of my family in Niger State.

 I looked forward to the knock- outs (popularly called banger in Nigeria) and fireworks play with my cousins;

 I remember one day my Grandmother threw a “banger” with us, we were so happy , the joy was unexplainable, 

we laughed so hard and jumped , we were so excited; we would throw it at each other and run so fast .

I looked forward to eating with my cousins, I can recall how a big tray of food will be dropped in the middle of the sitting room and we would all dig in creating fun competitions like the fastest eater while we devour, 

I also remember the evenings where would gather in the compound and just play games  like Yara kuruma (the dumb game) , ten -ten, Tinko Tinko, there is fire on the mountain, who is in the garden amongst others, we did not have a worry in the world , we just enjoyed each others companies and the short term holiday, There was always just so much joy in the atmosphere.

As an adult , I do not know which is worst at the sound of Christmas what comes to my mind is family, bonding and Joy, Christmas creates an atmosphere to be united back to family away from the buzz and chaos arround us daily.

Another definition of Christmas to me would be how special it made me feel, it is a time to feel special , as a child and even up till now , I enjoy rocking new outfits on Christmas Day and just being excited about how stunning they look on me.

I think Christmas embodies all that Christ wants us to be , he wants us to be really happy, he wants us to feel special, he wants us to feel loved and this should not be seasonal, we should carry it along with us for everyday .

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