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Friday, 10 December 2021

Why are Men so scared of Commitment.

 Hi reader,

I have been really thinking about  this through out today yeah? , so I thought to write about it, I really do not understand why men are scared of commitment, ironically women should be the ones scared considering the amount of women who are victims of domestic violence, Men who are in a good space to get married would rather keep multiple partners, in some cases baby mamas rather than settling for one person, After interacting with a few guys I know personally here are some of the contributors:

1. Fear of Failure : Some men are scared of failing in marriage, scared of divorce and how it would change their whole lives, This fear is most times propelled by being from an abusive home or from an abusive environment generally.

2. Fear of Responsibility: A friend of mine said he is scared of carrying a burden he cannot handle, you know becoming financially responsible for a whole human and in some cases her family, he does not feel ready to take up the task and responsibility.

3. Fear of Change: Another person I interacted with said he is scared! What if his angelic queen changes into a monster after marriage and nags him to death.

All these can be categorized by me into fear of marrying wrong. What’s your take on this , Comment below , why do you think men are scared of Commitment? 

Personally, I think the fear of something can be even more dangerous that the thing itself, For instance the fear of marriage may make a man  keep multiple women or baby mamas, this to me is even more complex that just settling down and taking responsibility.

My suggestion would be,

  • Pray for a good partner.
  • Study her.
  • Marry her.
  • Grow together; learn and unlearn.
  • No body is perfect be tolerant because quite frankly you are not yourself.
  • Be financially ready, not rich rich, but at least a source of income to run a home and family comfortably.

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