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Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Valentine Special: Celebrity Couple Crush (Mx Edition)

 Love is a beautiful thing, definitely not perfect but beautiful to watch and to see , In the spirit of Valentine FAB will be celebrating some beautiful celebrity couples , who have over time helped  others knowingly or unknowingly believe that love is something worth being in , This list is in no particular order ;

Pastor and Pastor Mrs Petrock Sadiq:

They are a match made in heaven and over the years have inspired a lot of young people, Pastor Petrock is a Gospel Music minister, he is also the lead pastor of House on the Rock Minna , Where his wife also pastors too, Their love is beautiful and worth emulating.

Mr and Mrs Moses;

Mrs Celine Moses is an extraordinary OAP, she is currently the General manager of Ultimate fm, she is also an amazing wife and mother. We celebrate her and her amazing husband.

Mr and Mrs Fred Daniels : They are an amazing couple who have used their platform over the years to inspire young people to be all that God has wired them to be in life. They are both gospel music ministers.

Mc Scolybaba and his beautiful wife (Mrs Fatima); They are so beautiful to watch, they are such good friends and a power couple, super awesome and worth emulating, we love to see them .

Mr and Mrs Joel Abah: They are both amazing gospel Music Ministers who beyond words have together mentored a lot of young people, They are a power couple and we can not help but celebrate them.

Mr and Mrs Fidelis Imoesi ;

They are super inspiring , Mr Fidelis is an on air personality with ultimate fm, he doesn’t waste time in celebrating his wife and how much she has been a huge part of his journey . We love them so much.

Dj Biggraynice and his beautiful wife (CEO) Lagxy Fashion World;They are a super amazing duo, Biggray is one of the biggest Dj in Niger State and his wife is one of the best fashion designers, how much stronger can a couple be we love them.

Beejay and Mouthed Shade 
Let’s just leave love for this two sha 😂😂😂Beejay and mouthed Shade have such a beautiful love story,
Beejay is no doubt one of the best music artists in the State while Mouthed Shade remains one of the biggest on air personalities , They are so in love that almost all Beejay’s songs are about his beautiful wife.

Mr and Mrs Joe: we can not help but celebrate the beautiful Chief Executive Officer Mega House of Fashion and her super emphasis on super supportive husband, together they are building a global brand.

Mc Bless and CEO Softies Touch

Mc Bless is an amazing MC , he also doubles as a supportive husband, The other day he came to a show with his baby strapped to him, we love to see it, his wife is the CEO softies touch one of the best saloons in Minna .

Mr and Mrs Adekunte; The CEO Syndwin Culinary Services and her lovely husband steadily giving us couple goals of one can chase a thousand and two can chase ten thousand, we love their love and we celebrate them.

Mirax and his beautiful wife; Mirax and his beautiful wife definitely give us couple goals, he is an amazing photographer, hypeman , stage manager and artist manager, he is supported by his beautiful wife, we love to see it !!!

Mr and Mrs Bright;

This list would be incomplete without celebrating the CEO glossy empire and her amazingly supportive husband who together are building one of the fastest growing brands in Nigeria .

Thank you for reading, who is your favorite? Let’s interact in the comment session, please kindly share this, much love.
Happy Valentine!!!!

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