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Wednesday 18 May 2022

BBNaija’s Ifu Ennada Reacts After Being Mocked For Living In ‘Trenches’


Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Ifu Ennada has reacted to the photos of her father’s burial currently making the rounds online, hours after she bragged about wearing a dress worth over N5 million to AMVCA.

Demeaning photos of Ifu Ennada and her family surfaced online with many netizens mocking her for living in trenches and bragging about being a millionaire online.

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Ifu Ennada said her father’s burial which took place on the 13th of February was done on a low-key and her uncle had insisted they bury her father in front of the house he built while he was young.

Ifu Ennada added that her village is notorious for quenching the lights of those who show off so they had to keep many things lowkey.

The reality TV star recalled how a cousin killed her four years old brother and came to confess to her mother, which made her scared adding it’s the reason they couldn’t spray money at the burial.

She wrote: “Now to my father’s burial, my Mum wanted something fast and lowkey. There were so many things I couldn’t control, but my major job was to supply the finance. Aside from that, my father’s older brother insisted we bury him in front of his old house which my Daddy built when he was a Boy. This is the house you see in pictures circulated by this blogger”.

“My Village is notorious for quenching “bright lights”, it’s not the kind of Village where you “go to show yourself”, so we kept many things on a low-key”.


“Most people bashing me because of my Dad’s burial do this because they feel I cut across as “rich” on Instagram but believe I buried my father in a poor way, but if you’re an Igbo person from my place, you’ll know that Igbo burials are not cheap, especially when the deceased was elderly”.

“My Village is not the kind of place you show off, I mean when I was 10yrs old, a distant cousin k*lled my 4yrs old brother and came to confess to my Mum and Cousin Chika.

“My Mum was so scared for our lives that she asked us not to spray money, leave the house unnecessarily or hug anyone I attendance.

“I alone know how hard I work to take care of family and if you judge me based on how the Attendees of my Dad’s burial dressed up, then please tell me if it is my responsibility to also clothe and take care of the Villagers”.

“And to the idiot who sent all those pictures to this us*less blogger, I know who you are and at the right time, you’ll get what you deserve”.

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