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Wednesday 11 May 2022

Couple Goals or Nah ? #Baeu #kemzmama #Mummywa

The first time I found out this duo were together was on a Couple tag on Facebook , I “Awwned”  and “Awwned “ until I could Awwn no more, I “God whened “ too , I followed their love story back to back and just enjoyed how beautiful their pictures and videos always were and there was this one video where Baeu surprised Kemz Mama on her birthday and it was so so beautiful ❤️ 

When I saw the tread about domestic violence and cheating , I was so sad like how can something be this beautiful and yet be so ugly . Sadly , this is a proof that behind the whole social media fantasies, people especially celebrities are just like you and me, fighting their own secret battles and shedding their own closet tears, don’t be too carried away.


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