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Monday 6 March 2023

5 streets in Lagos that NEVER sleep

 Indeed, the Lagos nightlife is an attraction of its own as the city comes alive after dark, wearing a new look.

5 streets in Lagos that NEVER sleep.

New York may be regarded as the city that never sleeps, but Lagos most certainly gives it a run for it's money.

Anyone who's ever visited Lagos can attest to the city's bursting drive and energy which sees people leave their homes as early as 5am and stay out till midnight, in search of a daily bread.

So, if you ever need something late at night in Lagos and wonder where to get it, here are 5 streets in the Centre of Excellence that never sleep.

One of the major commercial hubs in the Ikeja region, Isaac John has several restaurants, clubs and hangout spots that are open till the wee hours of the morning.

The subject of several songs including Weird MC's hit single "Allen Avenue" in the nineties, Allen is arguably the red light district of Lagos with a heavy presence of commercial sex workers and more than a few strip clubs that come alive at night.

One of the most popular streets in the Victoria Island commercial hub, Adeola Odeku also boasts several restaurants, stores and hangout spots.

If you're in search of fuel at odd hours of the night, chances are you'll find a filling station open on Awolowo road. Home to more than a few clubs and hangout spots, Awolowo road is undoubtedly one of the busiest roads on the Lagos island.

Although Lekki was barely more than a large expanse of undeveloped land as recently as a decade ago, it has emerged as one of the major commercial hubs not just on the island, but the entire Lagos, and Admiralty way is the king of the region. A drive through this road in the middle of the night will find more than a few services running.


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